Yuzuki Fukui (福井柚嬉, Fuikui Yuzuki) is a bartender at a pool bar named: "Blue Parrot". She hired Kogorō to investigate a strange noise which she compared it to be the same as when you remove a cork from a champagne bottle, which Kogorō believes that she is also extremely in love with him.


Yuzuki's worries

Yuzuki worried about Kogorō's drinking habit.

Yuzuki Fukui is a very nice and caring young women and evenly knowing the importance of a job which that she gave Kogorō green tea instead of a gimlet in the beginning because she wanted that Kogorō must stay sober to solve a case that is haunting her. It is known that she has a blog and only posts something that is of importance, which she stated that if the case was solved that she wanted to post the event on her blog[1]. Yuzuki also stated that she is very sensitive to the scent of Yuzu, because it is a habit of hers because her name "Yuzu" (柚), the meaning of the kanji is "citron" which she can easily know the smell of Yuzu strongly and evenly knows the different when there is also a different scent that can be in similitaries with Yuzu[2].


She is a tall women with dark hair that has been set in a ponytail that hangs downwards. She also wears the uniform of her work which has the same appearance as that of a tuxedo.


Cocktail of Sorrow

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Yuzuki explains the smell to Kogoro

Yuzuki explains to Kogorō that it was the scent of Yuzu.

She called Kogorō for help after hearing a noise of a cork that gets removed from a champagne bottle which she says that the sound goes like "pon". Kogorō then tells her that it might been someone who was actually popping the cork from a champagne bottle, but Yuzuki says that she didn't served champagne on that evening. Conan then tells her that there might been a customer that sneaked in a wine bottle, but Yuzuki tells Conan that she also though the same thing but none of the customers she served yesterday didn't were drinking wine of champagne. Yuzuki continues her story telling that after she heard the bottle popping she also heard something falling down, but when she was checking if a fork was fallen down from the table, she didn't see anything on the floor. Yuzuki then continues saying that there was also a strange smell which Kogorō starts to ask her if it is any gunpowder or explosives or something in the same way, but Yuzuki says that it isn't. Yuzuki tells Kogorō that it is the aromatic scent of Yuzu which she said it smelled very faint and she though that it was strange to smell the scent in the bar she works because they don't use Yuzu in a bar, which is the reason she contacted Kogorō. Kogorō asks her if she smelled any fruits similar with the scent of Yuzu, but she said that it isn't.

Yuzuki explanation

Yuzuki explains the strange noises she heards.

Conan then asks Yuzu how many times she is hearing the sound of a bottle popping. Yuzu says that she is hearing the sound 2 to 3 times a day. Conan asks her if there are also customers who are coming here often, which she says that there is and shows them to 4 customers who are always coming to the bar. Later, Kogorō is asking Yuzuki for another gimlet, but she refuses because he needed to think about the case instead of drinking. The standard customers then asking her to bring a bottle of champagne. After that Kogure Monpei was popping the bottle of champagne, Yuzuki tells Kogorō that it was exactly the same sound she heard.

After Inspector Megure and Inspector Takagi appeared, Yuzuki explains the entire situation to Megure and the reason why she hired Kogorō. After that Megure asked him how much he gets paid, Kogorō respond with the drinks her get, but Yuzuki tells him that he has to pay for the gimlets. Later, Yuzuki was trying to wake up Kogorō after that he "solved" the case, which he explains the entire situation to him.

Creation and Concept

Her name Yuzuki Fukui has several meanings per kanji. The kanji: Fuku "福" can mean: blessing, fortune, luck, and wealth. The kanji: I "井" can mean: well, well crib, town, and community, which the last name can be set as: "wealthy community". The kanji Yuzu "柚" has only one meaning which is: Citron, it can be the reason why Gosho Aoyama sets her as a bartender. The kanji: Ki "嬉" can mean "glad, pleased, and rejoice".


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