Template:See also Template:Looking for Template:Translation is born on February 24th in Shinjo, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. Yutaka currently lives in Tokyo and is one of the assistants of Gosho Aoyama. He has done work on the Detective Conan Special alongside with his co-assistant Denjiro Maru. His start of manga was in 1979 for Hitomi and then at Nakayoshi in 1981 before leaving in 1985 to create his own works.


  • Kuma-chan series
  • FIGHT!
  • Dragon Quest - The Legend of the Rubis Spirit
  • Triangle High School
  • Detective Conan Special


  • He is one of Gosho Aoyama's loyal assistant.
  • His name can most likely be based on the criminal in Detective Conan Yutaka Abe.