Yoshizumi Karashima (辛島義純, Karashima Yoshizumi) is a anime only character from the Detective Conan series. He was the victim during the The Intimidator In a Rainy Night Murder Case.


A year ago, he and Mio's brother Toshiaki Ashida where fall down into a lake. According to his story, he wasn't the one who was driving the car but Mio's brother, stating that he was drunk. According to what Mio remembered what her brother told him, that he will never drive a car any more because he had a drunk driving car accident long time ago. Yoshizumi was angered and was swearing for revenge towards Mio's family. He send Mio letters which contains to be treats towards her. It is known that he has a serious illness and that the doctor told him that he got 6 months to live. He didn't visited a hospital just like the doctor told him to do, but he went to visit Mio and tried to commit his sins.