Yamazaki is the president of the Yatsubishi Bank. He got killed by his partner in a locked room. He got shot in his chest and was later discovered when the guests hear a gunshot from upstairs where Yamazaki was.


It was known that Yamazaki was the partner of the Landlord, but is unknown from which company he is coming from or which one he owns. Yamazaki and the landlord were been holding a secret money transactions.


Based on his appearance, he might have been a serious person and also probably a perfectionist in doing things.



Main article: Landlord He and the landlord were partners that were illegally transferring money. However, their further relationship became unknown, and the actual reason why the landlord actually have killed Yamazaki is unknown.


Yamazaki is a tall man with short black hair waved backwards, wears glasses and has somewhat sharp-looking mustaches. Before his death, he wore a brown jacket, with a dark green shirt and a black bow tie.


Mansion Murder Case

Main article: Mansion Murder Case

Yamazaki has been murdered by the landlord after that he was been waiting for him in one of the landlord's room. After that the shot has been heard, everyone came to rush towards the room which that they see that Yamazaki has been died by a gunshot.

Name meaning

It is not exactly known what kind of kanji Yamazaki has, but it can be either one of these two: "山崎", "山碕". The two kanji has both the same meaning, which is "Mountain cape".

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