Yūsaku Kudō (工藤 優作, Kudō Yūsaku; English TV "Booker Kudo") is one of the characters from the Detective Conan series. He is the father of Shinichi Kudō and the husband of Yukiko Kudō. He is famed in Japan and in America with his mystery novel "Night Baron" which he one time dressed like him to trick Shinichi[1].

Character File


Yūsaku' has a more calming nature then his wife Yukiko. He shares the same personality as Shinichi, both have the same interest in mystery novels, both are renown detectives (but Yūsaku is retired), both are in challenge with Kaitō Kid. Yūsaku has a sharp intellect and deductive abilities, evenly at a young age which shares the same personality as Shinichi seems to have inherited, and he is always seen one step further than his son, detectives or criminals. Yūsaku loves to read mystery books as seen in the huge mystery novel library that they have in his mansion. Known as a excellent author, he also blows off his editors to do other things such as to travel with Yukiko[2].


Yūsaku has the same hair style as his son, which Shinichi also probably inherited from him. He has black hair and blue eyes and a thick mustache and wears glasses. In his mid 20's or 30's, he didn't had a mustache. He is sometimes been seen in causel clothes, but mostly is wearing also a tuxedo.


Yusaku Kudo was already noted for his sharp intellect and deductive abilities at a young age. He met Inspector Juzo Megure and became a good friend and valuable adviser to him in solving very difficult cases. While he often assisted the police, Yusaku's primary aspiration was that of a writer. Quickly attracting acclaim in his early twenties as a young novelist, he encountered the girl whom he resolved to marry: Yukiko Fujimine, an already famed and beautiful actress. While taking her out in an expensive restaurant to make his proposal, he was involved in a murder case which he solved brilliantly, and right afterward proposed to a startled Yukiko - which she accepted. (Twenty years later, his son Shinichi would become involved in a follow-up of the exact same case and the exact same place, but unlike Yusaku he wouldn't be able to profess his feelings to his own love.) Yusaku's detective stories have won international acclaim, especially his novels involving the character called Night Baron, who has become a popular cultural item. He prefers to be known as a novelist, despite multiple demonstrations of a Mycroftian tendency to solve a case before shares the same personality as Shinichi reaches the same conclusions. In the course of his career, he also encountered the first Kaitou Kid and struck a sort of competitive friendship with him; it is implied that Yusaku knew Kid's identity, but chose to chase Kid only during heists in order to foil the theft and no further. After shares the same personality as Shinichi becomes Conan, Yusaku learns from Agasa what occurred and stages an elaborate false kidnapping to drive home to Conan what the stakes are if he is caught by the Black Organization. He offers to take Conan to a new life in America, but understands when Shinichi refuses due to a desire for independence and feelings for Ran- though Yusaku doesn't expect that resolve to last. He and Yukiko occasionally check up on Conan, but seem content to respect Shinichi's wishes to pursue the Black Organization without their help.

Appearance In Other Media


The Fourteenth Target

The Phantom of Baker Street


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