Yōko Okino (沖野 ヨーコ, Okino Yōko) is a Japanese Idol and a supportive character of the Detective Conan series. Kogorō is a big fan of her and evenly watches her series every time.


Akiyoshi Fujie

Yōko and her ex-boyfriend Fujie.

Before she became a idol, she attended Konan High School. She had a boyfriend named Akiyoshi Fujie, and it was known that the two loved each other a lot. Yōko wanted to keep pursuing her dream to become an idol and after being persuaded by her manager, Yamagishi, the two broke up. It was revealed that Fujie never stopped loving her.

At the start of her career as a idol, Yōko was a member of the pop group "Earth Ladies" alongside with Kaoru Kusano, Yuki Takeno, and Terumi Hoshino. It was known that the group was quite successful but ended with everyone following their own separated ways. Yōko has remained successful and quite popular in the pop idol and acting business.


Yōko is a friendly and modest person, knowing that she is caring for someone. She's a idol which fame doesn't goes over her head and that she always shows happiness evenly something mad happens to her. It is a strong willing women who made her dream come true and probably also a women who chases her dreams she always wanted to be.


Yōko has long curly brown hair and blue eyes. She dresses herself casual, but she is mostly seen in different types of dresses.


Pop Idol Locked Room Murder Case

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  • Yōko Okino's name comes from a real-life manga artist Yōko Okino (沖野 ヨーコ).