Serena asks Conan if he is afraid that she would commit suicide which Conan tells her that he is afraid of it that she is going to do it after killing the other robber who was in the robbery at the bank. Serena then tells Conan that he might think that because of the sleeping pills in her coat but tells him him that she needed it because she didn't slept in days. Conan then made her final request to Serena, he will tells her who the final culprit is if she would let her live and that she is going to turn herself in. Meanwhile the manhunt to free Conan from Serena is still going. Later, Serena agrees on Conan's offer which Conan explains the situation to her and tells her that the final culprit of the bank robbery is Takayo Tegawa which starts to get into the car and threatening Conan which she shouts to Serena to start the car because she has a gun to her hand. While Haibara have discovered the car and Tōru and Sera, the three cars are starting to follow the blue swift in traffic which Tōru starts to drift to stop the blue swift which succeed which the car crashed to Tōru's car. Takayo then steps out of the car which Sera knocks her out with the wheel of her motorcycle saving Conan. The three later have been contacted by Vermouth telling him or her that he or she gained trust from them, which she later says the codename Bourbon which Bourbon must be Tōru, Subaru or Sera.