Volume 82

Detective Conan Volume 082

(名探偵コナン82巻, Meitantei Konan 82-kan)

Volume Info
Volume Volume #82 Icon - Search
Keyhole Tomoko Suzuki
Detective Kageyama
Release Date
Japanese January 17, 2014 ISBN (978-4-09-124551-9) Icon - Search
English N/A ISBN (N/A) Icon - Search

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Volume 82 (名探偵コナン82巻, Meitantei Konan 82-kan) is volume 82 of the Detective Conan manga released by Shogakukan released at January 17, 2014.

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Iron Wall (鉄壁, Teppeki)

Sonoko introduces Makoto to her parents while later she receives a phone call Ran which she calls her about Kaitō Kid. Kaitō Kid made an announcement to steal one of Jirokichi Suzuki jewels which Sonoko calls her uncle about Kaitō Kid. After that Makoto heard from Sonoko's mouth "Kid-sama" he is thinking on a whole different direction. Meanwhile at Jirokichi's mansion, they are talking about Kid's actions in stealing the jewel from Jirokichi named "The Green Emperor" which one of his guards that is heavily beaten up tells Jirokichi that there is a young man trying to talk to him. It turns out that Makoto is beating up Jirokichi's security men. Makoto asks Jirokichi to be one of his guards in order to capture Kid. Jirokichi refuses however which Sonoko calls him which she explains that Makoto is 400 times undefeated in matches which he became suddenly impressed. A video have been send to Ginzo Nakamori about Makoto's karate skills. Kid who is disguised as one of Ginzo's men is suddenly interested in Makoto's skills. At the museum, Makoto is talking with Sonoko's mother while she suddenly ask him to make a bet with her. Sonoko calls Ran to tell her that there will be a showdown between Makoto and Kid, which Kid suddenly appears using a phone jammer disturbing the signal which Kid asks Sonoko to make a bet with him.

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Blackout (暗転, Anten)

Sonoko tells Ran about what happened last night. Sonoko lies about most things, including about what happened between her and Kid. Ran asks Sonoko about Makoto, which Sonoko says that he is already with the jewel. A the Grand Suzuki Museum, which Sonoko has a letter fro Makoto from Kid, which the letter contains invisible writing saying "Let's write fair and square". Tomoko tells Sonoko and Ran that they are going to dress, while leaving, Sonoko rushes to Makoto wishing him good luck and that she believes in him. Makoto tells her that he will protect the jewel and that she may bet on the fist she is holding without fear. Sonoko and Ran leaves, which Tomoko tells Makoto that he must keep the promise he made. A flashback is shown of a conversation between Makoto and Tomoko, containing that Tomoko tells Makoto if he succeed in protecting the jewel she will let Sonoko to be with him, but if not and Kid succeed in stealing the jewel, he must give up Sonoko once and for all. A 100 letters have been written and send from Kid to Makoto. Conan wonders why Kid is sending Makoto a large amount of letters, which he is really worried about it as well. A dressed up Ran and Sonoko have appeared which Sonoko yells at Makoto that he must not forget how she looks. Makoto tells Inspector Ginzo and Jirokichi that over five minutes announcement time arrives which he asks them that everybody must leave from the exhibition room, because from now he consider anyone who enters as his enemy. Conan ask a guard about the letters wondering if they were received from the mail man, but the guard say that Sonoko obtained those letters from the mail man. Conan discovers that the letters doesn't react to black light. A blackout enters, which Sonoko watches on her wristwatch and apologizes to Makoto.

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Girls and Boys (雌雄, Shiyū)

Kid cuts down the power in the museum. Conan have noted that Kid have placed fluorescent paint. Ran sees strange rolling things on the ground which Conan warns her that she must get away from there. Smoke releases from the balls which Inspector Nakamori tells his mens that it is just the usual sleeping smoke which he orders them to put their gas masks on. Kid in a very quick speed launches his card gun towards the police gas masks which through the strength and the speed of the cards, the masks were been pulled off. Meanwhile, Makoto is hearing Sonoko's voice, which he went to where he hears her voice to see her. Makoto sees Sonoko asking what have happened to her. Sonoko explains the situation which later Makoto and Sonoko were heading to the jewel. They discovered that Kid has switched the real jewel with a fake one, which Sonoko runs off telling that she is going to give the fake one to the police, which Makoto holds her arm. Makoto then tells her that she isn't Sonoko which Sonoko tells him that she is. Conan enters the room and explains the situation to Makoto and Sonoko. It has been revealed that it was Kid that was disguised as Sonoko, which he escapes after that he managed to dodge one of Conan's gadgets. Makoto then uses karate to break down the pillars, which Kid and Conan were been scared of seeing it. Kid then wants to move quickly away but Makoto was able to reach the ceiling, which Makoto asks Kid to bring the jewel back to him. Kid agrees saying that it isn't the jewel he is looking for, which he also explains about the conversation he had with Sonoko. Afterwards, Sonoko apologizes about helping Kid, which she later asks how Makoto actually could discover that Kid was disguise as her, which he explains how.

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Taii the Calico Cat

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A Cat Hiding Its Claws