Volume 81

Volume 81

(名探偵コナン81巻, Meitantei Konan 81-kan)

Volume Info
Volume Volume #81
Release Date
Japanese November 18, 2013

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Volume 81 (名探偵コナン81巻, Meitantei Konan 81-kan) is volume 81 of the Detective Conan manga released by Shogakukan released at November 18, 2013.

File.853Pencil Edit

A Detective Encounters a Case in a Bar (探偵BAR(バー)で事件遭遇する, Tantei Bā de Jiken Sōgū Suru)

Kogorō is in a pool bar named: "Blue Parrot" were he has a case. Conan suddenly appears telling that Kogorō should come home because Ran made dinner and she didn't looked that happy. Kogorō explains the situation which that Conan came with another line which Ran told him to tell. Kogorō uses the bartender Yuzuki Fukui to prove his right which he tells him that she has a case for him. Conan asks Yuzuki what case it is which she starts to explain the entire situation. Later when four employees from a company were ordering champagne which one of them removes the cork from the bottle which gave the same sound that Yuzuki was hearing these days. Due to that Monpei Kogure had open the bottle, the content within the bottle have been spoiled on the table. Once that they are cleaning the table Mika Kishiura says that there are also some of the champagne drink over Chikafumi Usuda. Kensaku Hatsumura sees that Chikafumi has a red dot in his neck, Monpei says that Chikafumi doesn't breath anymore. Mika is trying to wake Chikafumi up, but it seems that he is truly dead according to Kogorō that was rushing towards Chikafumi's body.

File.854Pencil Edit

A Detective Deduces a Case in a Bar (探偵はBAR(バー)で事件を推理する, Tantei wa Bā de Jiken wo Suiri Suru)

A murder has been placed at the pool bar Blue Parrot. Kogorō was hired by a bartender which he thinks that he also is in love with him, Yuzuki Fukui. Known is that Chikafumi Usuda might have died by neurotoxin which has been stabbed on the back of his neck by a pointed object like an awl that had been coated in poison. Inspector Megure then tells forensic team that he might scream and cried out if he was stabbed by such a big needle. Kogorō then tells Inspector Megure that Chikafumi was heavily drunk which he has been fallen asleep and that he could feel a thing when he got stabbed. After that Kogorō said that, Megure came back to his usual behavior about "how it possibly can be that Kogorō is at every crime scene". Yuzuki then tells Inspector Megure that she was the one who called Kogorō and tells him the entire story about what she heard. Megure asks Kogorō how much he gets paid by her by taking such a job, which Kogorō tells Megure that Yuzuki is paying by drinks, but Yuzuki says that he has to pay the gimlet that he has ordered. Megure then spits through the other three peoples who drank along with Chikafumi. After going through some useful evidence, Conan discovers that the culprit didn't make the weapon disappear but he used that to make the weapon lift off.

File.855Pencil Edit

A Detective Solves a Case in a Bar (探偵はBAR(バー)で事件を解決する, Tantei wa Bā de Jiken wo Kaiketsu Suru)

The murder case about Chikafumi Usuda continues after Conan discovered a important clue. Afterwards, Conan uses his tranquilizer to put Kogorō in sleep. Yuzuki Fukui then wakes him up and tells him everything what have happened and how he "solved" the case. After telling him, Yuzuki wonders if Conan is alright after the case, which Kogorō asks her why. She then explains that Conan was talking with Inspector Takagi about something which Conan's expression have changed and started to run off. Conan is seen dashing through the street remembering what Inspector Takagi have told him of two different cases Conan and Jodie were involved about the peoples they've met at the previous case. Conan strongly thinks that in reality, it is Bourbon and Vermouth.

File.856Pencil Edit

Adultery Investigation (浮気調査, Uwaki Chōsa)

Conan realized right now that the couple before the former case was actually Vermouth and Bourbon and is now afraid if they heard the conversation about Jodie meeting Haibara between Conan and Jodie. Conan then re-thinks that Inspector Takagi said that the couple made a huge blunder, which Conan believes that it was a opening act from Vermouth and Bourbon and that they wanted to see how he was about to react. Conan calls Haibara if they notice their presence, Haibara then tells Conan that she didn't felt anything of it because she didn't brace herself, which she now worries that they might discover that she is alive. Conan tells her that he was just checking, which behind a building Bourbon is spying on Conan. The next day, Conan is acting paranoid after what he came to know yesterday which he feels that he is being watched. Ran sees that there is something wrong with Conan, but Conan says that he was thinking because he has a difficult homework. Conan hears a shutter sound which he realized that someone took a picture of him in a close distant and tries to locate him. It turns out to be Sera. Ran asks why she is here, which Sera responds that she is here for work which she explains that she was hired by Rumi Kitao through her younger sister Keiko Kitao from Ran, Shinichi and Sera's school. Sera explains the situation which Ran received a phone call from her mother that she can't come because the meeting will take a while. Later, Ran introduced herself to Rumi, which later the two of them are heading to Waka's hotel room which Rumi tells Ran to wake Waka up because she is busy with something else. As Ran goes to the room were Waka should be, she later found her at the bathroom knock down by some sort of sleeping gas which knock Ran out either.

File.857Pencil Edit

My Deduction (ボクの推理, Boku no Suiri)

Conan wakes up Ran after she fainted from the sleeping gas. Ran asked Conan what have happened to her which Conan respond saying that she collapses in the bathroom. Ran remembers it and tells Conan and Sera what she have seen, but the two already knows about it. Sera tells Ran that the police came and start to investigate Waka. Ran explains more while Rumi Kitao, Kenya Setsu, and Mitsuaki Kaga starts to tell their stories. Jugo Yokomizo tells them that the gas was Chloroform which he turns Waka which he sees that there is something strange with her saying that she is winking. Conan looks at the corpse and starts to make headlines before taking actions. Kenya and Mitsuaki then were been interrogated by Jugo about what have happened at the moment the police have arrived. After that they know more about the person and that they want to give Rumi the blame for the key, Sera turns tables and claims that one of those two have done. Afterwards, Conan was talking with Ran when he suddenly let fall down his wallet containing money in it which he asks Kenya and Mitsuaki to pick them up for him. It contains to be another sly trick from Conan which he already discovers how it may happened. He then looks to Sera wondering if she also discovered it but he sees that she is at the phone. During the phone conversation, Sera asks a unknown person if her deduction isn't wrong.

File.858Pencil Edit

A Problematic Deduction (居心地悪い推理, Igokochi warui Suiri)

The murder case about Waka continues which Sera though to know who the culprit is. Sera says that Rumi has something to do with the murder of Waka which she explains her deduction. Ran tells Sera that her deduction is problematic which she has Shinichi on the phone who solved the case by saying that it was Waka's ex-boyfriend, Kenya Setsu. Conan then explains the reason through his deduction, which it is also clear why Waka's corpse was winking because she has Kenya's eye contacts in her eye after the two were struggling with each other. Kenya later then explains the whole situation which Jugo hits Kenya's face with his elbow and took him away to the police station. Later, Ran and Eri meet which Ran explained the whole situation to Eri. Sera left the group, which Eri tells Ran that she have seen her on the phone earlier, which Conan wants to know who. Eri believes that Sera was talking to her older brother, if she have one.

File.859Pencil Edit

Jeet Kune Do VS. Karate (截拳道vs.空手, Jī Kun Dō vs. Karate)

On a rainy day, Conan, Ran, Sera, Kogorō, and Sonoko are all at Sunday Bowling. When Sera is asking Sonoko on who she is waiting, Makoto suddenly starts to attack Sera, which Sera strikes back, knowing that Sera uses Jeet Kune Do. Ran split them apart which Makoto apologizes to Sera because he though that Sera was a boy because of her tomboyish appearance. Makoto asks Sera how she knows Jeet Kune Do, which Sera tells Makoto that her brother teaches her that, but he has deceased. Conan then questioned with which brother Sera was on the phone. It turns out that Sera has two brothers, one who good at fighting sports and one who is a very smart person, which Conan evenly wonders if Sera discovered that Conan is actually Shinichi. Makoto then explained what has happened after Ran asked him about the blood coming from his hand. During the day, Conan is more disrespecting the ones around him due to their behavior, saying to Kogorō that he will be arrested for sexual harassment some day and Makoto will be arrested for property damage some day. Makoto explains that he has jet lag because he has returned to Japan today. Ran offers Makoto to sleep in Kogorō's rental car which he agrees. Later, they are all be searching for Tanpa, which he later gets discovered in a toilet, dead.

File.860Pencil Edit

The Smell of Kerosene (灯油の臭い, Tōyu no Nioi)

Masahiro Tanpa has been found dead in a mobile toilet. Misao Yamamura investigates the case which he is questioning everyone who have discovered the dead body of Tanpa. They are explaining to Misao their situations, which Makoto were been telling his story and were later been handcuffed by Misao. Misao claims that Makoto have murdered Tanpa. Kogorō tells Misao that he got it all wrong, and Sonoko is defending her boyfriend saying that he is nice and friendly. One of the investigators have discovered that the culprit have used a stun gun to Masahiro Tanpa, which Sera tells Misao that it is impossible for Makoto for using a stun gun, since he is a karate master. Misao have no other choice to release Makoto which Conan thinks that Misao and Makoto already met each other during a other case. Later, Conan have discovered who the culprit is after seeing a burn mark on the ceiling of the toilet. Sera then is in conversation with his partner and evenly sends him a picture of Conan, being known that the partner of Sera knows Conan.

File.861Pencil Edit

Just Like Magic (まるで魔法のように, Marude Mahō no Yō ni)

The murder case of Masahiro Tanpa continues. Sera wonders why her elder brother knows Conan after that he text-ed her back containing the message "If it's him, there is no problem". Outside, Conan puts Kogorō to sleep to solve the case, which he discovered who the culprit is. He will explain the entire situation before Tanpa's death which he is using Misao Yamamura as his guinea pig in solving the case. After Conan's deduction, Sera points Sunami Masaki as the culprit who have murdered Tanpa. She then explained the entire situation when Sunami killed Tanpa which she explains why she did it. After the case, Sera gets another message from her brother. The message contains: "P.S. have you already met the wizard?", which in Sera's eyes is Conan.

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