Volume 80

Volume 80

(名探偵コナン80巻, Meitantei Konan 80-kan)

Volume Info
Volume Volume #80
Release Date
Japanese July 18, 2013

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Volume 80 (名探偵コナン80巻, Meitantei Konan 80-kan) is volume 80 of the Detective Conan manga released by Shogakukan released at July 18, 2013.

File.841Pencil Edit

Undelivered Goods (未配達の荷物, Mihaitatsu no Nimotsu)

The Detective Boys are playing soccer in the cold weather which Conan make already his fourth point with only his left foot which the other members of the Detective Boys are asking requirements about the rules and Conan's abilities. First they where sealing his right foot then high left foot which he must score another point with his head. Mitsuhiko said that they will end up worse if he only uses his head which Genta says that he also don't want to have that Conan is using his head. It is known that they where playing soccer to wait for the cake Professor Agasa is creating which is done after 2 hours. They already started with Conan being distracted which Haibara was about to make a point until she slipped wasn't happening after she saw a cat that was jumping in front of the ball. Conan knows the cat which his name is Taii which he explains to Genta from where he knows the cat after Genta asked him how he knows the cat. Taii then runs to a refrigerated truck which ending up being closed in. The drivers are driving the truck which Haibara's sweaters has been removed which she is only in her panties which she has to use Mitsuhiko's sweater. Later it has been known that the drivers has killed a unknown man which Conan has discovered in the cargo area, which that is the reason they will stay longer in the truck.

File.842Pencil Edit

A Cat's Home Delivery Service (猫の宅配便, Neko no Takuhaibin)

Conan came up with a plan that contains that somebody else must gonna capture the two delivery guys. The two came once again afterwards to get some deliveries. Taii "meowed" in the bus which caught one of the two delivery men attention thinking that he heard a cat, his partner asks him what he got all the time because he first heard voices of children and now a cat's voice. It has then been explained how the dead body got in there which turn all to a love affair. After that Conan heard the story and waited until the delivery men left the place, he quickly calls Inspector Wataru Takagi but didn't answer and then Inspector Jūzō Megure but both of them are on a airplane that is about to start which Takagi turned off Megure cellphone after that Megure asked him how to. Conan then calls Professor Agasa but he is also busy with something else which he tries to re-contact with his but according to Agasa Conan hung up, but actually the battery have died. Conan then asks for the team what they got because he want to figure out something with those belongings of them. Conan asks Haibara if she also got belongings with her, but he then forgot that she has nothing which he says to her that all what she got is her undies, which Haibara smacks on Conan's head. Conan then later came up with a idea which he created a code on the receipt of Mitsuhiko's parents and place it at the collar of Taii and tells his were to go. Conan's idea is to lure out Bourbon from the Black Organization to help them out. Once Taii escapes after that one of the delivery peoples came to open the door, he came running towards Azusa which found the receipt around Taii's collar. Azusa then asks Tōru about the receipt because he is a detective but floated away.

File.843Pencil Edit

A Parcel for Kudō-Samakata (工藤様方宅配物, Kudō-samakata Takuhai-mono)

Conan and the gang are still waiting for Taii to return. Haibara discovered and tells them that there aren't many parcels left, which leaves the group in shock. Ayumi asks Mitsuhiko if he is OK, but he shows signs that he isn't but he is saying that he is OK but faints which Conan says that it is dangerous after Mitsuhiko told about himself. Meanwhile at Café Poirot, Tōru asks Azusa about the receipt. Azusa then tells Tōru about the receipt also telling that Conan knows the cat too and that Taii's collar felt cold. Tōru is looking for the receipt that have been floated away from Azusa's hand and tells Azusa to tell the Master (the bar owner) that he didn't feel good and left home and that he don't have to pay for today's work. Meanwhile, Conan is looking for the parcel that is meant for Professor Agasa which he found it and starts to mess with it. Tōru found the receipt in a area and understands the situation. The delivery guys are at the home of Shinichi, afterwards one of them placed a small parcel on a box which Conan grabs it and sees that it is a phone. Conan wanted to explain the whole situation directly to the police but the two delivery men discovered them. Tōru appears which Ayumi screams for help from him. Tōru got threaten by one of them, but Tōru hit him in the stomach which he started to threat the other one which he surrendered instantly. Tōru left the place before the police came to arrest the two delivery guys. Afterwards, the cake of Professor Agasa have been ruined.

File.844Pencil Edit

Today's Fruits (本日のフルーツ, Honjitsu no Furūtsu)

Ran and Sonoko are watching a show named "Which Fruit Show". Sonoko got tickets to go there which only a max of 5 people can join. Conan suggests to take Sera along with them, which the next day she accepts which she said that she hardly can refuse any requests coming from Conan. Actually, Conan's ideal was to bring the professor with him, but since that incident, they don't want to leave Haibara alone in the house. At a house during the evening, a conversation between two peoples Kasuga Terafumi a food coordinator and Takeki Shōtoku a cuisine critic. The next day at the show, a man asks Kogorō to come with him about a discussion. The show then has been started seeing Kogorō as their special guest. During the show, the box has been opened seeing, the dead body of Takeki Shōtoku.

File.845Pencil Edit

Our Territory (ボクらの領域, Bokura no Ryōiki)

Takeki Shōtoku has been found dead in the box after it was opened during a show. Conan rushed towards the stage which Ran was trying to stop him which Sera stops her by telling Ran that it is now her and Conan's territory. They are investigating the case which it still troubles Conan that he and Sera met somewhere. When Conan is about to ask Sera, he sees that when Sera smiles, a double tooth comes out, which Conan definitely wonders that he and Sera probably met somewhere.

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