Volume 79

Volume 79

(名探偵コナン79巻, Meitantei Konan 79-kan)

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Volume Volume #79 Icon - Search
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Japanese April 18, 2013 ISBN (978-4-09-124291-4) Icon - Search

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Volume 79 (名探偵コナン79巻, Meitantei Konan 79-kan) is volume 79 of the Detective Conan manga released by Shogakukan released at April 18, 2013.

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Mimicry (擬態, Gitai)

Kaitō Kid has stolen the "Blush Mermaid" alongside with the turtle. Ginzō Nakamura is in shocked about what happened and evenly hoped that the turtle run in the shadow in the aquarium. Jirokichi Suzuki then found a message from Kaitō Kid with in there: "I have taken the jewel. If you don't believe me, check!". Jirokichi then orders them to remove the locks on the aquarium and that they must bring a step ladder so that he can check the tank by himself. When Jirokichi is checking the tank, he is in shock. Ginzō ask him if the turtle is inside or not. Jirokichi then says that the turtle is not inside the tank which Ginzō thinks that it is ridiculous. While the guards are holding the peoples outside, a woman runs out of the museum with the message that Kid successfully stolen the jewel. Everyone outside is cheering Kaitō Kid in stealing the treasure which Ginzō is wondering why they are cheering him on. Kogorō tells Ginzō that the tank was made from reinforced glasses and explains that Kid whilst their eyes that were covered by the carpet and said that the turtle has been stolen on a pretty spectacular way. Ginzō ask him how he knows all the detailed specs of the tanks which Kogorō responded that it was on the news. Sera tells them that this all has been too well done. Sera explains that Kid has planted all the strings in the carpet and set a winch in the chandelier to pull them up. Ginzō ask the guards if they didn't check them. They said that the carpet and the chandelier had both been changed a few days before the tank was exhibited there, which leaves Ginzō in shock. Jirokichi then tells them that they redid the carpet because there was a visitor a few days ago that sprayed coke around everywhere and that the workers from the interior design company suggested that they changed the chandelier so that it matches with the color of the carpet. Jirokichi explains further that it seems fro him a good opportunity for a spot of redecorating because they move all the artifacts from the room to make space for the tank which he took up their offer which later Jirokichi thinks that it could be Kid. Ginzō then says that it was Kid with an accomplice because they already knew that it was the exhibition place. Jirokichi then says that he already has lost and that they should withdraw because Kid is already far gone according to him. Later Conan has figured our Kid's trick which in the bathroom someone is making noises which wonders in who Kid is disguised.

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Shedding Skin (肌を流す, Hada o Nagasu)

The secret of Kaitō Kid's magic trick is about to be revealed. Conan is planning to put Kogorō asleep but accidentally shoots towards Sonoko when he became distracted by Ran. As Sonoko's voice, he tells that magnetism is used in Kid's trick which later has been revealed how the trick has been set. Jirokichi took the turtle which makes others thinking that Kid stole the turtle. After the case, Conan and Kid where talking to each other about the heist, and Conan told Kid that he was disguised as Sera which Kid tough that it was a man. An angered Sera rushes towards Kid and kick him on his cheek, which later Kid flees. Sera was only happy to see her hat again, which she later explains what happened and why she cares about the hat saying that it comes from her brother which she was trying to copy him with it.

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Locked Room Murder on the Surface (情況的密室殺人, Jōkyōteki Misshitsu Satsujin)

Heiji and Kazuha arrived at the detective agency of Kogorō. Heiji says: "We've got a case! Kudō!!" which Ran ask Heiji what he meant with that. Heiji then denies saying that since they've got a case, things are getting lively around here. After Kazuha tells Heiji that it is just plain inconsiderate for a murder case. Kogorō thinks that Heiji came all the way from Osaka to Tokyo to get advice on a murder case. Heiji says that the murder scene has been set in Tokyo and said that the person who backed him up was Inspector Gorō Ōtaki that also came along. Kogorō is surprised to see Gorō. Gorō explains to them why they came to Tokyo. They later goes to the place where the murder has set to check more details about the locked room. Heiji and Conan solved the case which contains really to be suicide, which disappoint Heiji. Kogorō and Gorō are talking to each other about the case, which a women comes overhearing the conversation telling them that they are talking about Fūra, which she explains about him. Fūra came with the elevator with a gun next to his head and shot himself. The lift then goes upwards which Heiji was about to run upwards. Conan then told him to wait because the elevator then comes back on the same floor they are, which they are seeing Fūra's dead body on the elevator ground.

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It Takes Two to do the Job of One (二人で一人前, Futari de Ichinin Mae)

Fūra has been murdered in the lift. Inspector Takagi come to the place where the crime has set. Gorō explains him what happened and explained Takagi who that person is who got murdered. After explaining the whole situation, Takagi conclude that it was suicide. Gorō tells Takagi that there is a message inside the lift saying Sayonara (サヨナラ; Literally meaning "Good Bye") which Takagi is shocked when he read it. After seeing the clues that is inside the lift, Heiji then concludes that it was murder instead of suicide. Heiji explained why it is murder and convinced Takagi and Gorō about his explanation. After finding more clues they decided to go up where the lift stopped before. There are four rooms on the floor, which they came by to three peoples, since known that the women called Nanami lives also on that floor. Later Heiji and Conan figured out the whole situation of Fūra's death and believes that two peoples did the job of one person.

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Sensei's Trick (先生のトリック, Sensei no Torikku)

The forensics couldn't find no any residue on the three suspects. Conan brought the three suspects to the place of the murder according to what Takagi and Heiji told Conan what he must do. After discussing how the culprit could kill Fūra, Conan shows everyone in the hall that Takagi has come through the elevator. Takagi acted as the same way as by the murder and went up. Kogorō thinks that Takagi and Heiji where behind is, thinking that Heiji was pointing his finger towards Takagi. Takagi then appeared saying that Heiji told him to stay where he is to observe everyone's reaction. The elevator came back with Takagi, which was Heiji hiding his face behind a note tablet. After a explanation about how the Fūra could be killed, Naoko Izutsu has been pointed as the culprit. After showing some demonstrations on how it possibly can be done, but Conan came with the right deduction than Heiji. After the deduction, she admit killing Fūra. It turns out that she want to avenge her sensei's death and the album that she gave him when she was in high school which made it all sad. Naoko told that she was in the room to look for the album and solve the suicide of her sensei all be herself. After the whole scene, Gorō received a call from Heiji's father. Heizo said that a dramatic case is up, which he ask Gorō if vampires really exist.

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The Vampire's Mansion (吸血鬼の館, Kyūketsuki no Yakata)

After staying at Kogorō's place, Gorō is splitting from Heiji and Kazuma because he has some minor business to take care off. Gorō then thinks about what Heizo told him about vampires while he hears Heiji's voice at the back asking him why he is constantly muttering "don't be sucked". Gorō is shocked to see Heiji and Conan at the back of his car. Heiji and Conan thinks that Gorō might have a meeting with a women. Gorō asks them how they could get in the car. Conan tells him that they went his car after that went to the bathroom at the gas station. Conan pointed to Kogorō's rental car which was also been tailing them. Gorō then explains it to them which shocked Conan and Heiji after hearing that several victims has been murdered via blood loss with two holes in the nape of their necks. After arriving at the mansion, during dinner Hakuya the owner of the mansion didn't arrived. Ran and Kazuha are looking for him at his room. While entering his room, they see a casket. Kazuha opens the casket and sees Hakuya being stabbed with wood right in his heart. This shocked Kazuha and Ran seeing Hakuya in a casket which they both screamed loudly which everyone at the dinner room came to the room of Hakuya. Heiji ask what happened, which Kazuha and Ran explains what they have seen. The family of Hakuya stated that it usually him to do such kinds of things, but Ran tells them that it was really his corpse. Heiji and Conan then take a look in the casket which Heiji tells them that Hakuya isn't evenly in the casket. Conan asks Ran if Hakuya was really in the casket, which Ran tells Conan that he was in there which makes Heiji and Conan wondering.