Volume 78

Volume 78

(名探偵コナン78巻, Meitantei Konan 78-kan)

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Volume Volume #78 Icon - Search
Keyhole Scar Akai
Release Date
Japanese December 18, 2012 ISBN (978-4-09-124031-6) Icon - Search

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Volume 78 (名探偵コナン78巻, Meitantei Konan 78-kan) is volume 78 of the Detective Conan manga released by Shogakukan released at December 18, 2012.

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Mystery Train (ミステリートレイン(発車), Misuterii Torein (Hassha))

Gin talks with Sharon through the phone about Shiho. After the phone conversation with Gin, Sharon rethinks about what she had told Conan to entrust Shiho to him. She then tells herself that the one who is going take Shiho isn't her but Bourbon. At the Tokyo Station the Detective Boys where impressed to see a steam locomotive for the very first time, which Haibara explains the basics of the locomotive to them but it seems that she have catch a cold which Conan reminds her what he told her that she had to stay home. It has been turned out that Sonoko's family company the Suzuki Conglomerate. It has been known why Sonoko is doing it by going in the luxurious first class car, because of Kaitō Kid. Sera has been arrived at the mystery train and meet up with Ran, Sonoko and Conan with his gang. After being told why Sera also has arrived at the mystery train is because of the quiz which Sera asked Ran where Kogorō is. Kogorō is watching the other contestant which by one there was a trouble. Murobashi Etsuto then ask the conductor where that person is who took his cabin which Kogorō introduces himself as "Mōri Poirō" which is coming from the name Hercule Poirot. Ran has been arrived alongside with Conan to take Kogorō away from the contestant. While being in the mystery train they received a mystery letter which contains to be part of the quiz. Being in Car 7 they see Murobashi being shot which they think that it is all part of the game, which later has become more realistic which Conan later came to realize that Car 7 has been disappeared while the train was in motion.

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Mystery Train (ミステリートレイン(隧道), Misuterii Torein (Zuidō))

After it was discovered that Car 7 has been missed, the Detective Boys are telling everything they have seen what has happened to Car 7 to the conductor. After that the conductor has made contact with the other conductors around the train, they went back to see Car 7. Afterwards they ended back seeing Sonoko, Ran, and Sera. After being yelled by Sonoko, Conan has discovered something about the missing car which he returns back to Sonoko, Ran, and Sera telling them that it was Car 7 Room B they are in which Conan explains the whole situation to them. After that the Detective Boys made a appearance to them, Sera went to Haibara telling her that it is their first meeting together. Sera then yells saying "Who is it!" and opens the door but sees nobody which she thinks that she imagines it. While being in the dining room, Kogorō discovered flames in the fields, which the other contestants are seeing the same thing happening outside. After going to the conductor about the letters that Conan's group and Sonoko's group has obtained, Haibara tells Conan that she feels a strange sort of presence, which Conan thinks that she is thinking that after reading Christie's novels. Later Sonoko found their room which they have seen Murobashi Etsuto, but it turns out that he had killed himself after Conan and Sera broke the door.

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Foam (泡沫, Utakata)

Again another challenge from Jirokichi Suzuki which Kaitō Kid is about to make another heist at a jewel that can move around. In front of the museum, Sonoko is showing the a trick which was quickly solved by Conan, leaving a mad Sonoko yelling at Ran why brought him here. Jirokichi came and invites them inside the museum. They see that the museum is really crowed, which they also noticed that there is a crowd standing at a aquarium. Jirokichi explains that there is a red diamond upon the turtle called the "Blush Mermaid". Jirokichi then tells them that there is a story behind the turtle, which later Inspector Ginzō Nakamura is getting the peoples who are not involved with it away from the museum. Kogorō also appeared which Ran thought that he wasn't coming, but he said that he changed his mind after watching it on the news. Later, the museum has been heavy guarded by various of SWAT-looking officers, which the crowd goes wild outside. Then Kaitō Kid then starts his heist with another impossible looking magic trick taking both the gem and the turtle, leaving a card behind at the place where the turtle "Poseidon" was.