Volume 76

Volume 76

(名探偵コナン76巻, Meitantei Konan 76-kan)

Volume Info
Volume Volume #76
Release Date
Japanese June 18, 2012 ISBN (978-4-09-123738-5) Icon - Search

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Volume 76 (名探偵コナン76巻, Meitantei Konan 76-kan) is volume 76 of the Detective Conan manga released by Shogakukan released at June 18, 2012.

File.796Pencil Edit

The Meeting At Columbo (コロンボでの待ち合わせ, Koronbo de no Machiawase)

At the detective agency, Conan, Kogorō and Ran are watching a robbery at the news. The robbery has been spread around Japan since the morning constantly and the case hasn't been set a week. The three then discusses about the case which Tōru also joins the conversation. It has been known that Kogorō has a own website of the detective agency, though Conan was the one who made it. Kogorō later received a message from a client that wanted to meet him at Restaurant Columbo. They then head to Columbo alongside with Tōru to meet the client. They're then waiting for the client but didn't showed up, which they are heading to the agency. Once arrived there, Kogorō received another message from the same client that he arrived at the restaurant. Conan also said that he is going to join them but he has to use the restroom first. Kogorō obtains another message from the client stating that they must hurry. Tōru discovered that someone is in the detective agency using the restroom and was trying to use Columbo as a cover. Once they heard a gunshot at the restroom they were heading straight there which they see a man that has shot himself and a women who is completely bounded with tape. Inspector Megure then arrived at the detective agency they are interrogating the women.

File.797Pencil Edit

Intertwined Lies and Mysteries (縒り合わせられた嘘と謎, Yori Awase Rareta Uso to Nazo)

The case continues about the unknown women and the mysterious man who have committed suicide at the detective agency. Kei Kashitsuka explains more further about the situation and reveals more of herself. Tōru, Kogorō, Ran and Conan are bringing Kei to her home, were Conan suddenly has to go to the restroom because he forgot to got while at the detective agency. Conan then smelled something strange while entering Kei's home. Kogorō and Tōru also wanted to get in Kei's house to do something which Kei invited them in. While in Kei's apartment, Ran got a call from Sera which starts yelling at Ran because she didn't picked up her phone while Sera called her numerous times. Sera's voice starts to fade constantly which Tōru hung up their phone call stated that the living room might be bugged. Tōru tells Kei that they are going around to each room if there are any devices around. Kei ask them to wait for 5 minutes to take her underwear and some other stuff. Kei then tries to leave the house which Conan caught her leaving, lying to him that she is going to a convenience store. Conan then asks if he will come along with her and also wanted to ask Ran to come with them too, but Kei says that only the two of them will go to the convenience store. Kogorō noticed that Kei have been left 10 minutes ago which Tōru tells them to search for the tracking devices on their own. Tōru, Kogorō and Ran found already 3 tracking devices, which they also enters a restroom with a strange scent. They've found a briefcase under a bed which they open it containing a dead body. Meanwhile, Conan have fallen asleep after drinking the fruit juice that Kei recommended him from a vending machine which can be that Kei drugged Conan.

File.798Pencil Edit

Detectives' Nocturne (探偵たちの夜想曲(ノクターン), Tantei-tachi no Yasōkyoku (Nokutān))

After that Kogorō, Tōru and Ran have found a lifeless body inside a suitcase in Kei's apartment, Kogorō received a message from Kei and showing a picture of a knock-out Conan. Ran then contacted Professor Agasa telling that Conan has been kidnapped by Kei and is telling him the entire situation how it happened. Sera then suddenly calls Ran again which she is mad shouting at her why she hung up the phone. Ran then explains the entire situation to Sera. Meanwhile at the professor's house, Haibara came with the idea to track down Conan. Subaru then came in the professor's house hearing the conversation and offers his car because the professor's beetle is out for repairs. Meanwhile, Kogorō, Ran, and Tōru are re-watching the robbery at the bank which they came to discover the truth about Kei and her brother. Meanwhile in the car, Kei cannot contact the three persons which Conan offers her help out to kill the last person which he reveals her true name as: Serena Urikawa.

File.799Pencil Edit

A Child's Curiosity and a Detective's Inquiry (子供の好奇心と探偵の探究心, Kodomo no Kōkishin to Tantei no Tankyū Kokoro)

Conan discovers Kei's real name as Serena Urakawa and knowing that she wants to kill a women. Serena asks Conan how he know her name which Conan explains it to her. Conan also explains her how she killed the unknown man at the detective agency which as usual, Serena asks who he is which Conan tells his name to her. Afterwards they are then heading to the apartments of the three persons. Meanwhile still at Kei's apartment, Kogorō, Ran and Tōru discovers the robbers the night before the heist which they are heading to address Kogorō have founded. After that the three left the apartment, Sera then suddenly shows up hearing noises in the elevator next to her. Meanwhile, Conan and Serena went to the three persons houses which one of the three are the killer of Serena's boyfriend. Conan have discovered which of the three is the last remaining robber which Serena wanted to know from Conan but Conan tells her that he can't because he don't wanted to let her die. Meanwhile the manhunt to find Conan has been started.

File.800Pencil Edit

When Objects Collide (立体交差の思惑, Rittai Kōsa no Omowaku)

Serena asks Conan if he is afraid that she would commit suicide which Conan tells her that he is afraid of it that she is going to do it after killing the other robber who was in the robbery at the bank. Serena then tells Conan that he might think that because of the sleeping pills in her coat but tells him him that she needed it because she didn't slept in days. Conan then made her final request to Serena, he will tells her who the final culprit is if she would let her live and that she is going to turn herself in. Meanwhile the manhunt to free Conan from Serena is still going. Later, Serena agrees on Conan's offer which Conan explains the situation to her and tells her that the final culprit of the bank robbery is Takayo Tegawa which starts to get into the car and threatening Conan which she shouts to Serena to start the car because she has a gun to her hand. While Haibara have discovered the car and Tōru and Sera, the three cars are starting to follow the blue swift in traffic which Tōru starts to drift to stop the blue swift which succeed which the car crashed to Tōru's car. Takayo then steps out of the car which Sera knocks her out with the wheel of her motorcycle saving Conan. The three later have been contacted by Vermouth telling him or her that he or she gained trust from them, which she later says the codename Bourbon which Bourbon must be Tōru, Subaru or Sera.

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