Volume 4

Volume 4

(名探偵コナン4巻, Meitantei Konan 4-kan)

Volume Info
Volume Volume #4 Icon - Search
Release Date
Japanese February 18, 1995 ISBN (4-09-123374-0) Icon - Search
English March 1, 2005 ISBN (1-59116-632-2) Icon - Search

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Volume 4 (名探偵コナン4巻, Meitantei Konan 4-kan) is volume 4 of the Detective Conan manga released by Shogakukan released at February 18, 1995.

File.30Pencil Edit

The Armored Knight (甲冑の騎士, Katchū no Kishi)

Two security guards are patrolling the Beika Art Museum during knight. One of the security guards hears a voice which they start to patrol it. The two are going to a room which one of the guards hear the voice. They then are seeing a armored knight walking close to them which they are running away. The next day, Ran tells what she has heard around the neighborhood what have happened last night during the Beika Art Museum. Ran suggests that they should go to the art museum and to see armor that moves by itself. Conan and Kogorō starts to laugh at her which Kogorō says that she still has ways to grow up if she keep believing those kinds of stories. Conan and Kogorō then wanted to start at their homework, or work. Ran succeeded to bring Conan and Kogorō to the art museum which has been known by both two that they were been forced to go with her to the museum. After looking around the museum, Ran sees that the sign of the last room isn't been placed there anymore and asks Conan and Kogorō to take a look in the last room. Originally they don't want to because they are hungry, but Ran says that they can go home early, but they have to cook for themselves which they are again forced to walk with her to the last room. They then have entered a room named "Hell Room" which they are wondering what that place is because it is very dark. They are then seeing a huge picture about a knight that defeated a demon. Ran turns and sees the new owner of the museum that has been killed.

File.31Pencil Edit

Dying Message (ダイイング・メッセージ, Daiingu Messēji)

Mr. Manaka have been brutally murdered in the Hell Gallery. Conan, Kogorō and Inspector Megure discovered that the moving knight is the cause of the damage. Conan is re-watching the video after seeing that Mr. Manaka is writing something which they also are seeing that the paper is still in Mr. Manaka's hand. After that they went to Mr. Manaka's body, the paper is still indeed in his hand which Megure opens that paper showing Kubota (クボタ, Kubota) which believes that Kubota is the culprit for murdering Mr. Manaka. More have been revealed about Kubota which he is even more suspicious under the police eyes and his fellow colleagues. Conan found the pen that Mr. Manaka had thrown away, which he immediately calls Inspector Megure. Megure tests the pen which is as same what is on the victim's dying message. Conan then head to the security room which he wants to see the video again which he discovers that the pen that Mr. Manaka had was retracted. After that Conan have seen the dying message of Mr. Manaka, he have discovered who the culprit is.

File.32Pencil Edit

The Pen That Cannot Write (書けないペン, Kakukenai Pen)

Kubota tries to convince Inspector Megure and Kogorō that he isn't the killer, but the two believes that he is indeed the killer of Mr. Manaka. Conan discovers that the culprit is actually Mr. Ochiai which Conan tricks him by faking that he must go to the bathroom. He asks Mr. Ochiai where it is which Mr. Ochiai was trying to write it down for him but have fallen in Conan's trap. Inspector Megure and Kogorō are taking actions but Kogorō have his own stupid intends by saying that the paper should be blank if the pen couldn't write. They've then discovered it how the murder has been set after Conan's encouragement towards Kogorō. Mr. Ochiai admit the murder which he has stated that he did it because he don't want to have the art museum to get turned into a hotel and tries to avenge Kubota as well because he was illegally selling arts. The next day after the murder, Kogorō became famous after the case as well that the art museum stays in business.

File.33Pencil Edit

Running Into The Two (はちあわせた二人組, Hachiawaseta Futarigumi)

Conan, Ran, and Kogorō are heading to Kyōto to go to a ceremony of one of Kogorō's friends. After that they are start talking about Conan's problem, Conan avoided the conversation to go to the bathroom. Once heading there he meets the two men in black that turned him into a child. The two doesn't notice Shinichi anymore because of the size transformation. Conan sees it as a change to expose their crimes which he starts to follow them which they are heading to the dinning car. Conan tries to investigate them but he has been pulled back by Ran. Conan then tries to place a bug under the seat but Ran caught him again which she pulled away the gum under the seat and place it in the ashtray. They then returned which Conan heard their conversation. Conan noticed that they didn't have a black briefcase anymore which Conan found out their names: Gin and Vodka. Conan heard that there is a bomb in the briefcase which he starts to freak out which he covers it by a math sum. The shinkansen have stopped at nagoya which the two goes off which Conan tries to chase them but got stopped again by Ran. Conan now then tries to find the person who have the briefcase containing the bomb.

File.34Pencil Edit

The Four In The Green Car (グリーン車の四人, Gurīn-sha no Yonin)

Conan has 38 minutes left to find the briefcase before it explodes. Conan hides from Ran who is trying to find him. Conan then tells the conductors that there is a bomb which the two makes fun about that because Conan is a kid. Conan then tries to find out by himself but fails drastically after that the passengers in the wagon are very brute. There was only one passenger contains to be a women that was very nice towards Conan and a old man. Conan got found by Ran which brings him back to their original spot where they are.

File.35Pencil Edit

The Last 10 Seconds Of Terror (ラスト10秒の恐怖, Rasuto Jū Byō no Kyōfu)

Only 12 more minutes before the bomb explode, Conan tries to sneak out again but got stopped by Ran. After that Conan tries to reveal his true identity, he discovers who one of the four passengers is that got the briefcase containing a bomb within it. The one with the bomb inside her briefcase is the nice lady which she called which the timer sets off. Conan then kicks the briefcase from the shinkansen leaving the women in shock asking who he is. Conan then gives her the usual answer that he is always giving. Ran found Conan and took him back. The women has arrested and Conan now knows the name of the two men and black that have poisoned him which they are: Gin and Vodka.

File.36Pencil Edit

Code Sheet Obtained! (暗号表入手!!, Angō Hyō Nyūshu!!)

Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta are busy with some code which Conan ask them about that. Ayumi explains it to Conan which Conan solves the code which earn Ayumi a Kamen Yaiba figurine. They're then about to go this Saturday to the Tōto Tower to get their figurines which they only need guardians to bring them. Conan came with the idea to take Ran to the Tōto Tower to get their figurines. After that they are gone, Ran gains a flashback about the time that she was there with Shinichi. Conan then appears which Ran asked him about what his real identity is. Conan then came up with the idea to say that his identity is actually Kamen Yaiba which luckily Ran believed the story. Later, Ayumi lost her figurine which they are searching between the stuffs in the bag. Genta found a paper which symbols on it which he takes it. A strange men then came and gave Ayumi her bag back. Later he then returns about the map he lost between it which Ran scared him away because he became too pushy. Genta then shows the paper with symbols on it which they are going on a treasure hunt tomorrow.

File.37Pencil Edit

The ABC's of Deciphering (暗号解読のABC, Angō Kaidoku no ABC)

The group gather itself at Beika Park which they start their treasure hunt. They don't know were to start which Conan told them if the first symbol doesn't comes familiar to them. They said that it is the Tōto Tower which they are heading there as their starting point. Meanwhile during their hunt, they all are going in the wrong direction. Conan discovers that the word Oro is Italian for Gold which known is that it has become a real treasure hunt. Conan later seems to have discovered how to get to the gold.

File.38Pencil Edit

The Answer and Another Answer (答えもうひとつの答, Kotae to mō Hitotsu no Kotae)

Conan, Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko are following the symbols in Tokyo but later have discovered that they are turning rounds. Conan sees one of the persons who approached them yesterday at the Tōto Tower. After that Conan watched the news about a crime boss known as Capane that have stolen 15,000 maple leaf gold coins in Italy a year ago. Conan discovers their true purpose which he later tricks them after knowing the real meaning behind the map card. After sending Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko home, Conan wants to do the job alone because it is a dangerous game were they are in now. Meanwhile, the three returned which they are following each and every symbol that have been shown on the card. After that they must search for a fish and can't find them, Conan seems to know were to look.

File.39Pencil Edit

The Glowing Fish's True Form (光る魚の正体, Hikaru Sakana no Shōtai)

Conan have discovered the shining fish and bring them to a location were they can see the fish shine. The exact location to were the gold is depends on the true form of the fish which Conan succeeds in it. Conan then finds a gold coin which he looks up and see a bag which he cling on a rope which some gold coins fall down from it. Genta wants to take one of it but have been hold down by one of the gang members. Later the group has been tied down but Conan has a idea by beating them which he succeeds in it by letting the bag of the maple leaf gold fall down on the gang members. They're freed which they directly informed the police about it which the three are arrested. The next day, Genta and Mitsuhiko are lying to Ran that Genta captured the thieves and Mitsuhiko deduced the code. Ayumi tells Ran that Genta and Mitsuhiko haven't done such a thing which the only one who have done it is Conan, which she starts to kiss him on his cheek, which Genta and Mitsuhiko had to look at it with jealousy.

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