Volume 3

Volume 3

(名探偵コナン3巻, Meitantei Konan 3-kan)

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Volume Volume #3 Icon - Search
Release Date
Japanese October 18, 1994 ISBN (4-09-123373-2) Icon - Search
English January 4, 2005 ISBN (1-59116-589-X) Icon - Search

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Volume 3 (名探偵コナン3巻, Meitantei Konan 3-kan) is volume 3 of the Detective Conan manga released by Shogakukan released at October 18, 1994.

File.20Pencil Edit

The Hatamoto Family (籏本家の一族, Hatamoto-ke no Ichizoku)

Conan, Ran and, Kogorō are going back home with a big cruise ship, because Kogorō forgot the time of the last one. Ran sees a women crying and ask her what happened. She then said that she was only thinking about her parents who died last year ago in an accident. It turns out that the women's name is Natsue Hatamoto and her husband Takeshi Hatamoto came to check for her and ask her what's wrong. Natsue then grabbed Takeshi and tells Ran and Conan that they got married on Hatamoto Island which Ran ask why they have married on that island, which Natsue explains it to Ran. The head family Gōzō Hatamoto is yelling at his on-in-law Kitarō Hatamoto because he is angry why Conan, Ran and Kogorō are on the boat. Gōzō wishes to speak alone with Takeshi which he later comes to his room and they are talking to each other with shocking developments. During dinner, Takeshi returned which the butler Suzuki has been terrified about what he sees. Everyone rushes to the room of their father, in which they discover that Gōzō has been killed.

File.21Pencil Edit

The Secret of the Locked Room (密室の秘密, Misshitsu no Himitsu)

Nobody must enter the room where Gōzō Hatamoto has been found death. After knowing how long Gōzō has been remained lifeless, Kogorō asked the butler Suzuki where he was at the time of Gōzō's death and further questions. Kogorō then reveals that Gōzō's room is entirely impenetrable which the family members of Gōzō all think that it can be suicide. Kogorō then ask the family members if he had a reason to kill himself, which Natsue tells Kogorō that Gōzō would never commit suicide. Kogorō then said that there should be a weapon next to Gōzō's body if he should commit suicide. The entire family members than starting to cause a uproar and evenly are still believing that it is suicide. Conan reveals that it is murder and helps Kogorō investigate a lot further which Conan also helped him that Gōzō was the one who locked himself up. Afterwards, Kogorō came to believe that one of the seven family members should have killed Gōzō, which Suzuki tells Kogorō that he has found a flower which Natsue tells Kogorō that it was the flower that she put on Takeshi which Takeshi became the suspect behind Gōzō's murder. The family members starting to reveal Takeshi's true nature which Natsue starting to runs away from Takeshi which Takeshi is trying to explain but couldn't. Conan then finds a evidence in Gōzō's blood.

File.22Pencil Edit

The Location of the Inheritance (遺産の行方, Isan no Yukue)

Conan found a bread crust on the scene of the murder. Conan asks the butler about, who created the banquet during Takeshi Hatamoto's and Natsue Hatamoto's wedding. Meanwhile, Takeshi is getting locked up by other Hatamoto family members. Meanwhile after locking Takeshi up, Kogorō and the rest of the family members of the Hatamoto family are discussing things about the cause for the murder of their father. Conan and Ran found Natsue and are talking about Takeshi. Conan hears a sound from the lower deck and starting to see what has happened there. Conan, Ran and Natsue are at the lower deck and which they are seeing a shocking discovery. Tatsuo Hatamoto has been murdered which Conan is running to the cell to see if Takeshi is still around there but when Conan opens the door, Takeshi is nowhere to see.

File.23Pencil Edit

Family Obliteration (一族抹殺, Ichizoku Massatsu)

Tatsuo Hatamoto has been murdered and Takeshi Hatamoto has fled which the entire ship is on disturbing their piece. Everyone is in shock that Takeshi has not been in his cell which Kogorō says that he is trying to massacre the entire Hatamoto family. In the dining room, everyone blames Natsue for taking Takeshi. Conan tells that Takeshi is innocence and tells about how Takeshi was able to fled from the room. Meanwhile, Takeshi is hiding himself in the engine room. Meanwhile Akie Hatamoto is starting to blame everyone for murdering Tatsuo and the elder. Kogorō yells to everyone to stop with what they are doing. A blackout on the ship came which the entire dining room has heard a voice which turns out to be Ichirō's voice. They've then arrived to the bathroom and sees that Ichirō has serious damage.

File.24Pencil Edit

Trap-Springer In The Dark (暗闇の仕掛人, Kurayami no Shikakenin)

Ichirō Hatamoto has been wounded in the bathroom which he doesn't know who which person attacked him. They've then see Jōji Hatamoto's knife which the mother of Ichirō thinks that Jōji has done it. Jōji then explains why he can't be it, also he has been in the dining room with them. They're then focusing their minds to Takeshi Hatamoto claiming that he is the one who had done it. Kogorō then tells that everyone must go with him to the engine room except Ran and Natsue Hatamoto. Once in the engine room, Kogorō showed him the trick how the culprit can cause a blackout on the ship. Conan and the others are still running around the ship to look for Takeshi, once being in Jōji's room, they've opened his briefcase and sees that two knife's has gone missing. They're then in Ichirō's room where they've seen his paintings. Conan asked a few questions to Ran which they are yelled by Kogorō to look further. They're then in Akie Hatamoto's room which Conan opens the closet and starting to be in shock and then closes it again. Kogorō asked Conan if he found something but he said that he didn't. Conan ask something to the butler and recalled the recent attacks on the ship. Conan then knocks Kogorō out with one of his gadgets and then later asks Ran to tell that everyone on the ship must come. As in the room, Conan with the voice of Kogorō then says that he has discovered the real culprit.

File.25Pencil Edit

The Dream That Will Not Come True (かなわぬ夢, Kanawanu Yume)

Conan through the voice of Kogorō explains everything how the culprit could commit such sinful murders. Conan then asks if Takeshi Hatamoto will get out of the closet and explains the entire situation again. Takeshi then explains his story to the other family members of the Hatamoto family. Conan then explains the situation where Ichirō Hatamoto was in which he later claimed that Ichirō himself was the killer. Conan then tells why Ichirō did each and every things which as final Conan is showing the sketchbook of Ichirō to everyone. While the Hatamoto family members are looking in Ichirō's sketchbook they see only pictures of Natsue Hatamoto. Ichirō took his sketchbook away from them and tells his story about why he had killed the elder and the other members on the ship. It is known that Ichirō loved Natsue and evenly asked the elder if they could get married. The elder has not been accepted Ichirō's marriage to Natsue and evenly has been mocking him since then telling him that he must stop with his useless dream. Ichirō starts to cry shouting that he would never forgive the ones he murdered.

File.26Pencil Edit

Curious Presents (奇妙な贈り物, Kimyō na Okurimono)

Three weeks after the events on a luxurious cruise ship, Ran obtained a letter from Natsue Hatamoto. Natsue wrote in that letter that she is thanking them and that everyone of the Hatamoto family has been recovered from the shock. She also said that she and Takeshi have been renounced the inheritance from the elder of the Hatamoto Family which they started a new life together at the pastures of Hokkaido. Natsue also added a picture of her and Takashi which Natsue closed the letter towards Ran which said that Natsue gives her best regards to Ran's boyfriend. Ran wonders what have happened to Shinichi, Conan tells Ran that Shinichi is having a hard time solving the case. Ran tells Conan that it is unlike Shinichi to keep busy with a case for too long which she started to think that Shinichi have become dumber. A man started to ring at the home of Ran arrived at the door with presents. The man started to talk to Kogorō after that he helped Ran and Conan to clean the presents. The man explains about some weird events that are happening to him. After that Kogorō gets some support from Conan, Ran starts to think that Conan might actually be Shinichi.

File.27Pencil Edit

The Same Person (同一人物, Dōitsujinbutsu)

Kogorō and the others are heading to the Beika Hospital to investigate the weird case Mr. Ogawa is being into. A nurse brought Mr. Ogawa flowers known as "Morning Glories" which Conan started to thing about what have happened on August 3rd. Conan then tells Kogorō that he must asks Mr. Ogawa if they can look at the medical records of all his past patients which Conan also tells Kogorō that there might something been happened on August 3rd. Kogorō asks Mr. Ogawa if they can look the medical records of all his former patients but Mr. Ogawa says that he can't show the medical records if they are not a medical staff. Kogorō tells Mr. Ogawa that he will keep it a secret which Mr. Ogawa later agrees. Ran still suspects Conan that he might be Shinichi. At the storage room, Kogorō is searching for any persons who had medical treatment under Mr. Ogawa, but he couldn't find any. Mr. Ogawa asks Kogorō if he would like to see the painting, which Kogorō agrees and leaves the room. Ran asks Conan if he also is coming with them but he says that he will wait for the in the storage room. Ran then hides behind the door after she closes it and later sees Conan reading through the books in a quick speed. Ran really starts to think that Conan might be Shinichi which she makes her step talking to Conan about the case. Through that, Ran then tells Conan that she really expected it from "Shinichi", which Conan responded on that which it seems that Ran discovered Shinichi's secret identity.

File.28Pencil Edit

The Mystery Of August 3rd (8月3日の謎, Hachi-gatsu Mikka no Nazo)

Ran suspects that Conan might be Shinichi which Conan started to hide the statement of Ran which he is shocked that Ran have discovered his secret identity. Conan plans to fool Ran with a parody version of a Game Boy named "Gameman". Conan plays on the Gameman which Ran thinks that Conan is playing on that video game on purpose. Ran then wonders how Shinichi has been turned that small which she thinks about what she said to Conan before bringing him to her house. Conan asks if Ran also wants to play the game but Ran shouts to Conan saying no. After that Conan continued to play the game, Conan attended to save the file first but sees a list of save file slots with the name: Tomoya Ogino. Conan then reminds that Ogawa's son isn't Tomoya but Yūta. Conan then checks in the medical records which he finally found the name. Conan discovered that Tomoya passed away under surgery by Mr. Ogawa on August 3rd three years ago. Conan discovered the mystery and asks Ran to bring Dr. Ogawa and that she must need to hurry. While running, Ran clearly thinks that Conan is in fact Shinichi. Conan explains everything to Kogorō and Dr. Ogawa, Conan tells them that Tomoya's father will take away Yūta's life. Dr. Ogawa calls the kindergarten were Yūta attends but one of his teachers tells him that he has already been picked up. At the Beika Park, Yūta is with a unknown man that gave him a present. Yūta thanked him and asks him if he is really going to take him to a nice place. The man responds that he will take him to the nice place very soon, the place were his son is.

File.29Pencil Edit

Safe Before Your Eyes (眼前セーフ, Ganzen Sēfu)

Conan and the others are running towards Beika Park to find out were Yūta is. After that Dr. Ogawa have discovered that Yūta is below them, Conan tries to find a way to save him. Conan sees two kids kicking on a soccer ball and uses one of his gadgets to rescue Yūta. It succeeded Conan to rescue Yūta which everyone was shocked by the effect of Conan's gadget. Ran is shocked thinking that it was really Conan who did it. Everyone then arrived were Yūta and the man is. The man then holds Yūta telling them not to move. Mr. Ogino then explains how he felt after that his son died accordingly to him by a mistake made by Dr. Ogawa. Dr. Ogawa then tells Mr. Ogino to kill him instead of his son. Yūta gets it and tells that Mr. Ogino was the one who gave him those presents. Yūta tells him that he will always treasuring the presents that he gave him. Mr. Ogino saw a reflection of his son after the words that got spoken by Yūta and starts crying. Yūta asks Mr. Ogino if his father said bad things but Mr. Ogino said that he was the one who said bad things. Kogorō successfully took away the knife and tells Ran to call the police. Mr. Ogawa tells Kogorō that he must not call the police which Kogorō wonders why. Mr. Ogawa tells Kogorō that he understands Mr. Ogino's feelings. Afterwards, Kogorō wants to know why Mr. Ogino waited two years longer to attack Dr. Ogawa's son, Conan explains that Mr. Ogino wanted to wait until Yūta turns 5 years old. Ran starts to tell Conan that he is brilliant as ever, but Conan says that he is just a kid and runs off. Conan returns to the detective agency were Ran has another plan to trick Conan by telling him that he is actually Shinichi by telling that one of her teachers is getting married which Conan responds with "that gorilla". Ran then shuts the door and asks Conan how he know one of her teachers. The phone ring which Ran takes it which she hear Shinichi's voice while it is actually Professor Agasa who is saving Shinichi's identity as Conan Edogawa.