Volume 2

Volume 2

(名探偵コナン2巻, Meitantei Konan 2-kan)

Volume Info
Volume Volume #2 Icon - Search
Keyhole Ran Mōri
Release Date
Japanese July 18, 1994 ISBN (4-09-123372-4) Icon - Search
English November 3, 2004 ISBN (1-59116-587-3) Icon - Search

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Volume 2 (名探偵コナン2巻, Meitantei Konan 2-kan) is volume 2 of the Detective Conan manga released by Shogakukan released at July 18, 1994.

File.10Pencil Edit

A Lucrative Shadowing (割のいい尾行, Wari no Ii Bikō)

Conan went back to his old Elementary School, which he don't like. After school Conan sees Kogorō and ask him what he is doing. Kogorō tells him that, and continues in what he is doing. Kogorō is happy to have 500,000¥ ($4,673, €3,750 ) for only three days. Kogorō wonders how long Ran will take Conan under custody. Ran explains to him that she went yesterday to Professor Agasa and told her that his "parents" were here, but had to go. Kogorō feels sorry for Conan and thinks that his "parents" where throwing him away and tells him that he wants to see them face to face. Kogorō the start to see that Conan is in fact Shinichi Kudō but got a vague memory of it, but got finally distracted by a TV report. When Kogorō hear a crime scene and the name of the one he is following, he starts to flip. He tells Ran and Conan that Masaki Negishi was the one he was shadowing until yesterday.

File.11Pencil Edit

The Perfect Alibi (完璧なアリバイ, Kanpeki na Aribai)

Kogorō is at the police station to provide evidence. He and Inspector Megure are talking with Yutaka Abe about Masaki Negishi. Kogorō knows that something is not right and that Yutaka Abe got something to do with it, which he believes that he got a perfect alibi and used Kogorō to make it. At the agency, Kogorō tries to crack Abe's alibi, which he got stuck and Conan gave him a hint. It makes Kogorō wondering who Conan really is, which he later start to think he's a brat cause Conan mixed the pictures Abe gave to Kogorō and what Kogorō took from Masaki. When Kogorō said that Masaki's ID was found on the ground near the Yagura at the Himatsuri. Conan then also thinks that Abe got something to do with it, which he is searching for clues. Once he found a picture that can solve the case and crack Abe's alibi.

File.12Pencil Edit

The Photo Speaks (写真は語る, Shashin wa Kataru)

Conan seems to figure out how Abe put his perfect alibi, but Kogorō seems to take him away from the pictures. Kogorō tells them that he heard from Inspector Megure that Abe's company got a 300 Million Yen debt that he must pay and he is sure of it that Abe is going to pay the debt with it and the other 200 million he's going to spill for a vacation which he leaves at 9 o'clock. Conan tries to trap Abe which he lures Kogorō and Inspector Megure with fake phone calls coming from himself trough his Voice-Changing Bowtie to the airport. Conan then calls through a intercom Abe faking that Masaki is waiting for him at the parking lot. Abe appeared at the parking lot, which Conan is telling deduction to Abe, which Abe told him the truth because nobody will ever believe him, but Conan tapped the conversation between him and Abe which Abe became furious and starts trying to kill Conan. Conan beats him with his latest gadget he got from Professor Agasa which Abe faints. Abe got captured and told afterwards that he got beaten by a child, which Kogorō thinks it is Conan, but Ran think he isn't.

File.13Pencil Edit

The Missing Man (行方不明の男, Yukue Fumei no Otoko)

A mysterious girl named Masami Hirota came to Kogorō to ask for her father. After that the girl leaved, they're then making a search to find Masami's father, which he got found at the Tokyo Horse Racing Track. Kogorō and the others then follows him to his house. Once they found out, they call Masami, which came there in speed. Conan sees that Masami look more grown up then a teenage girl. They brought Masami to her father, which she was happy to see him and went home. Conan and the others see a strange figure who where spying on them. In the end, Masumi's father Kenzō Hirota got killed or killed himself.

File.14Pencil Edit

The Poor Girl (かわいそうな少女, Kawaisō na Shōjo)

Ran is trying to keep in touch with Masami Hirota but the dial is constantly incorrect. She feels that there is something wrong and goes to her apartment, alongside with Conan and Kogorō. Arrived at the apartment, it is known by the land lady that Kenzō Hirota have been killed and that murder was the case. Meanwhile, Kogorō went to Inspector Megure asking who killed Masami's father. Megure tells them a giant did that and showed him the glasses he has found. Kogorō said it was Masami's glasses, which he thinks that something has happened to her. Conan reminds that tracking sticker he put accidentally on Masami's watch and uses his Criminal Tracking Glasses to find her. Ran sees the same suspicious man and captured him. The Detective says that he is finding for a man named Akira Hirota, which is the giant Conan has seen earlier.

File.15Pencil Edit

Chase the Giant (大男を追え!, Ō Otoko o Oe!)

Kogorō is interrogating the mysterious man that have been following before. Kogorō takes away his glasses, which the mysterious man got the same eyes as a female, which he and Conan laughs at his, and Ran standing up for him. Afterwards after Kogorō got hit many times by Ran due that he was still laughing about the mysterious men's eyes, the men then tells him that there is something funny about the Hirota family. He then shows Kogorō a picture of the men, which also telling many strange things that happened in the Hirota Family. Conan then starts to think that Akira Hirota might have killed Masami Hirota. Conan then rushes to Professor Agasa to get his glasses charged. Conan and the others are heading to where Akira is, while they are helping a lady with her suitcases. When they arrived at the room of Akira, they've seen that he is killed through poison + his briefcases are all open. Kogorō called Inspector Megure, knowing that Akira was a bachelor and never evenly have a daughter. Conan seems to figured out the case already.

File.16Pencil Edit

The Girl Like a Devil (悪魔のような女, Akuma no Yō na Onna)

Conan figured out that Masami Hirota is the true mastermind behind everything. Conan chases Masami alongside with Ran, which Masami goes away with a taxi, which Conan and Ran following Masami also with a taxi. Masami then arrived at a harbour which she meets the two men in blackGin and Vodka, which her true name has been revealed as Akemi Miyano. She and Gin where having a whole discussion, which turns out to be that Akemi did all this to save her little sister. She then got shot by Gin, which Conan and Ran found her, bleeding on the ground. Ran is going off to seek for help, while Akemi explained that the organization dressed in black like crows where the ones behind the scheme. Akemi tells Conan where the money is and died. Conan made a vowed to pull the organization away from the darkness.

File.17Pencil Edit

Mansion of Terror (恐怖の館, Kyōfu no Yakata)

At school, Conan is asked by Ayumi to go with them on a ghost busting. Conan doesn't understand it, but Ayumi explains that they are going to a abandoned mansion, which the owner of the house has been killed 5 years ago. Later it has been decided by force and Conan has no choice to go with them after school. Once there, they where been terrorized by the horror of the abandoned house. They entered the house through a secret entrance, which they got scarred when they got inside the house. Later, Mitsuhiko went to the bathroom, but has been lost on his way back. Conan and the others are hearing Mitsuhiko's voice, which they are all thinking that there is something wrong with him.

File.18Pencil Edit

The Vanishing Children (消える子供達, Kieru Kodomo-tachi)

Conan, Genta and Ayumi are still looking for Mitsuhiko. Conan tells them that they must hide in the restroom so that he can look for Mitsuhiko. Conan thinks that there is something suspicious about the mansion. Genta and Ayumi who are waiting patiently in the room as Conan says smells the food which only Genta is the target. Genta screams around the mansion which Conan noticed and later rescued Ayumi. Conan and Ayumi then sees a strange old woman, which Ayumi mistook her for a ghost. They decided to follow her but sees that she has been disappeared. Conan later discovered a break in the dust which he thinks that the woman is probably hidden herself downstairs. Conan the uses his latest gadget to open the dust. Once open, they then see stairs that are leading them to the basement. Once in the basement, they then see a cell, which contains a human within it that has been waken up. Someone comes from towards the basement.

File.19Pencil Edit

Nightmare in the Cellar (地下室の悪夢, Chikashitsu no Akumu)

The women that Conan and Ayumi saw came into the basement, which they had to hide themselves. The two are talking to each other which Conan overheard the conversation and figured out the solution about the case what happened 5 years ago. A broom starts to fall down which Conan gladly hold it with his foot but didn't noticed the bucket which was fallen down to ground gaining the attention from the two. The women noticed it and walks with a knife towards Conan and Ayumi. Conan then tells his solution to the women and started to show himself, later Conan explains more and more, which the women tried to kill him. The man in the cell named Akio confess to the murder saying that he was the one who killed his father. Akio confess everything which later the case has been solved. The next day at school, they are having another lonely mansion which contains to be Conan's house.