Volume 1

Volume 1

(名探偵コナン1巻, Meitantei Konan 1-kan)

Volume Info
Volume Volume #1 Icon - Search
Keyhole Shinichi Kudō
Detective Sherlock Holmes
Release Date
Japanese June 18, 1994 ISBN (4-09-123371-6) Icon - Search
English September 7, 2004 ISBN (1-59116-327-7) Icon - Search

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Volume 1 (名探偵コナン1巻, Meitantei Konan 1-kan) is volume 1 of the Detective Conan manga released by Shogakukan released at June 18, 1994.

File.1Pencil Edit

The Heisei Holmes (平成のホームズ, Heisei no Hōmuzu)

Shinichi Kudō, a prodigy known as the High School Detective, solved a case at the mansion, after discovering that the landlord had murdered his wife. The next day, after school, Shinichi is walking through the streets of Beika City, which the case that has been showed last night, has been spread around the media. Ran appears accompany Shinichi in walking back home. The two then discusses about how it is to be a detective. After Shinichi is running to his place, Ran stops him and ask him that he promised her something, Shinichi doesn't remember, but later he does. The next day, the two were seen at Tropical Land, a popular amusement park. Once Shinichi and Ran are inside a roller coaster and starts driving, someone has been murdered. Kishida, friends of Reiko and Hitomi, and boyfriend of Aiko, is the victim of a murder case. Shinichi found out who the culprit is and the case has been solved. After the case, Shinichi is chasing one of the men that is dressed in black, which finds out huge and sinister information about them. Not noticing the man's partner, he smacks down Shinichi and gives him a drug their organization has still in progress and runs off. Later, Shinichi is seen to have the appearance of a elementary school kid.

File.2Pencil Edit

The Shrunken Detective (小さくなった名探偵, Chiisaku Natta Meitantei)

Shinichi has been shrunk in the size of a kid, which he gets discovered by several police man at Tropical Land. After that they took care of his wounds, they won't believe him about what have happened and so escaped the small hospital. In that time, he noticed that he has shrunk short. Ran out of concern call Shinichi, but doesn't answer her calls. Out of desperation, Ran is going to Shinichi's house. At Shinichi's place, Shinichi can't reach the slot of his door, which he sees Professor Agasa after a failed experiment. The two then are discussing with each other, which Agasa doesn't believe himself that he is truly Shinichi, which Shinichi shows him that he is really he. Professor Agasa helped Shinichi to get home, which at his own place, Shinichi explains what have happened, which Ran came which Shinichi had to hide. After that Ran heard a voice behind the desk, Shinichi is taking his father's glasses, which Ran notices Shinichi but doesn't know it is him. Shinichi comes with a false name Conan Edogawa to hide his identity, which he and Ran are going to her place. Once arrived there, her father suddenly came, which he tells them out of joy that he has a case. When Conan hears that it is a case were a man dressed in black kidnapped a kid, Conan sees his chance to join him.

File.3Pencil Edit

The Left Out Detective (仲間はずれの名探偵, Nakama Hazure no Meitantei)

Conan, Ran and Kogorō arrived at the house where the person has been kidnapped. It goes about Akiko Tani a 10-year old girl. The father of Akiko tells Kogorō that Akiko has been kidnapped by a large men in black, according to what his butler Asō told him. Asō then tells his story about what he have seen and what the culprit said. Conan also tried to help by the case, but he has been neglected. Conan then looks at the tree, which two dogs appearing from the bushes. Conan then sees Asō escaping which Conan ask him where he goes and tells him to the place where he hid the girl. Asō is in shock hearing that which Conan also must draw the attention of Kogorō, which he kicks the ball to the tree and the dogs comes from the bushes. Conan ask if the dogs are barking because of strangers that are approaching them. Kogorō figured it out, and claimed that Asō is the kidnapper, which at his opinion, the case has been closed. Conan says that it isn't, which that the kidnapper calls Akiko's father asking if he got the 3 million yen ready.

File.4Pencil Edit

The Sixth Chimney (6本目の煙突, Ropponme no Entotsu)

The real culprit ask for 3 million yen in trade of his daughter. Akiko's Father is begging him to leave her alone, which Kogorō ask him where the culprit is. The culprit heard Kogorō's voice which he panics. Akiko who is screaming through the phone tells them that they are in a school warehouse, and sees outside of the window a big chimney. Conan then gets on one of the dogs, and goes off. He tried to locate school buildings where you can see a large chimney in nearby. He then later tries a skyscraper, which succeeds because on the side, it looks like a chimney, and which Akiko probably mistoken it for. Conan then enters the school warehouse, where he saves Akiko, but got beaten up by the culprit.

File.5Pencil Edit

One More Criminal (もう一人の犯人, Mō Hitori no Han'nin)

Conan has been beaten up by the culprit and another hit he will be dead. Ran appeared just in time to protect Conan and is attacking the culprit. The culprit has been captured and explained how it got happened. After a outrage against Asō, Akiko then tells the truth why she did it. Akiko thanks Conan, which makes Ran wondering, Conan then tells that she was talking to Kogorō. On their way home, Ran ask Kogorō if Conan can stay, Kogorō agrees with it, saying that he is a lucky charm for any case he is going to.

File.6Pencil Edit

Confused Detective to Great Detective (迷探偵を名探偵に, Meitantei o Meitantei ni)

Conan went to Professor Agasa and obtained a very useful gadget. Conan then arrived at Kogorō's detective agency and keeps thinking what Agasa told him about Kogorō thinking that it is impossible. Suddenly a mysterious woman came to Kogorō's office, which Kogorō later knows that it is the famous Pop Idol Yoko Okino. Yoko explains her situation to Kogorō and decided to go to her apartment alongside with Ran and Conan. When they arrived there, they see a dead man with a knife on his back in the living room of Yoko's apartment, which shocks everyone.

File.7Pencil Edit

The Bloody Idol (血ぬられたアイドル, Chi Nurareta Aidoru)

Once they all arrived at Yoko Okino's apartment, they are all shocked seeing a dead body on the ground. Kogorō wants to get the police around here but manager Yamagishi want to keep it a secret. Kogorō yells at him saying that he's insane and tell Ran to call the police anyway. Inspector Megure is at the case, which Conan is trying to help them but got hit by Kogorō. Manager Yamagishi is acting suspicious which Conan noticed. Later after that some clues has been gathered, another idol has been known, which is Yoko's rival Yūko Ikuzawa.

File.8Pencil Edit

A Person Who Looks Like You (あなたに似た人, Anata ni Nita Hito)

Yūko has arrived at the crime scene and says that she has nothing to do with it. She evenly says that she was never been here in Yōko's apartment. After showing that she do knows the apartment, means that she came around often. When Conan grabs his chance when Yūko knowing that a Statue of Liberty was a lighter. That makes Yūko evenly more suspicious. Yūko then tells her story which makes Kogorō thinks that the killer is Yūko. Conan thinks that Yūko isn't the killer after all.

File.9Pencil Edit

Unhappy Misunderstanding (不幸な誤解, Fukō na Gōkai)

Kogorō points manager Yamagishi as the killer. Which Conan kicks a ashtray towards the back of Kogorō's head which knocks him off. Conan then uses the gadget he got from Professor Agasa the Voice-Changing Bowtie. Conan explains what happened and how the man got killed, but it turned out to be suicide, which the man was probably depressed when he mistook Yūko with Yōko when she runs away from him. Yōko says that he was the one who broke up with me, which later is known that Yamagishi was the one that forced Fujie for doing it because of Yōko's career. The case has then been solved and Kogorō got some respect from Inspector Megure. Later, Conan calls Ran to the phone with his real voice with the Voice-Changing Bowtie to tell Ran not to worry about him.