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Valentine Murder Case

Ran making chocolate

Tragic Valentine (バレンタイン殺人事件, Barentain Satsujin Jiken)

Episode data
Previous The Bullet Train Bombing Case
Episode Detective Conan #6
Next Incident of Monthly Presents and Threats
Japanese February 12, 1996
English June 1, 2004


Ran Mōri and her friend Suzuki Sonoko are invited by Wakamatsu, one of the two guys they had met the other day, to join him, and a couple of friends a valentines day party, to which they agreed to go to. They arrive as well as Conan, who sneeked on to the premises as well as getting caught there. Tragedy soon strikes the party as Katsuhiko lies on the ground dead from poison. Naomichi had originally confessed to killing Katsuhiko, but Conan figures out he is not the true murder, but is instead Katsuhikio's own mother. The mother eventually admits to the crime, needing the life insurance money on Katsuhiko's name, and is put away.

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