Victim: Hikari Ayoshi

Age: 16

Stabbed on back with pocketknife

Evidence: A golden ring (Mr Goodwill had a ring on, but Sen. Ayumi, and Miki lost their rings),blood on a computer (O.T.) an arch fingerprint, and a hat was missing from a shelf that was 5 3" high.

Suspects: Kira Chau, Ayumi Sawada, Hiroki Chan, Miki Minakata, Ryoma San, Mr. Goodwill Mist, Sen Tayota

Kira Chau: A fisherwoman who uses her hand to catch fish.

Ayumi Sawada: A dentist who runs the clinic O.T. Dentist nearby. She carries a pocketknife with her that she lost when Hikari got murdered(PRIME SUSPECT)

Hiroki Chan: Hikari's family butler.

Miki Minakata: A shy girl who is Hikari's best friend.

Ryoma San: The butcher who works in the O.T. Mall nearby.

Sen Ogito Tayota: The secretary of Ayumi. She is a girl scout that carries two pocket knives at all times for protection. We overheard Ayumi giving Sen a pocketknife 1 minute after the murder.


Kira: I was at the time waiting for Hikari by her front door. There was no answer.

Ayumi: I found the body lying on the floor after I had to go to the bathroom, BUT I DIDN'T DO IT!

Hiroki: The door was locked when I passed by from the errands I had to do.

Miki: She told me to wait at her living room, and she went upstairs. She invited Ayumi, Ryoma, and Sen.

Ryoma: She told me to wait in the kitchen.

Sen: I was supposed to follow Ayumi upstairs, but I stayed in the garden. What I didn't see was that there was a ladder leading to Hikari's room by the time she got killed.

Everyone has a motive to kill Hikari. Ayumi is the most powerful.


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