Tomoko Suzuki (鈴木朋子, Suzuki Tomoko) is the mother of Sonoko Suzuki and Ayako Suzuki and the husband of Shirō Suzuki. She is a very strict mother which she hope that her daughters come with a proper boyfriend to run the Suzuki Conglomerate in the near future.


Tomoko is a very serious women, knowing that she cares about the Suzuki Conglomerate. She showed that after that she wasn't interested in Makoto's undefeated record which she asked him if he was prepared to shoulder the weight of the company[1]. The reason why she is having high exceptions of Makoto is because her eldest daughter Ayako is married into the Tomizawa Family which left no other choice then Sonoko.

Tomoko is also very rude towards others, known that she called Makoto a "hobo" because he travels around the world instead not spending his time at a high educational school. She is constantly fighting with Sonoko because of Sonoko's willpower of backfiring words towards her[2].

Tomoko can also be a very nice women towards other, which she talked nicely towards Kogorō about Kid's attempting to steal the "Black Star" a black pearled jewel. Known is that she loves entertainment after hiring Kazumi Sanada a magician that played Kaitō Kid for some entertainment.


Tomoko is a tall women with dark or dark brown short hair until her lower part of her face that is swifted in both sides on the top of it. She has green eyes with a white horizon stoke in the mid of her pupil. She has a beauty mark under her left eye and is mostly seen wearing expensive and fancy casual designer clothes and has a necklace hanging around her neck.


Black Star Heist

Main article: Black Star Heist She appears after that her husband was doing the opening scene. She told her guests that they could open the small boxes that they received while entering the ship, which she declares her challenge to Kaitō Kid. The challenge that she had for Kaitō Kid was that the guests on the ship obtains each a replica of the Black Star which she is the only one who knows who got the real one.

Some time later, Kogorō is asking who the person was who was shouting at him, which she tells Kogorō that it is Ginzo Nakamori a inspector she hired. Tomoko, then explains about the Black Star and evenly gave a hint to Kogorō about the real Black Star and who has it. Later Kaitō Kid appears which she shoots him dead, which she later explains that Kid didn't die, but instead of that, she hired a magician for some entertainment.

Tomoko wonders if Kid can really escape from the ship after that so many police are around the entire ship. Later, the replica's of the Black Star starts to release smoke which everyone starts to flee from the ship. Tomoko's calm behavior starts to switch into a surprised one after that Kid succeeded in stealing the Black Star.

Green Emperor Heist

Main article: Green Emperor Heist Sonoko introduces Makoto to the family, which she completely denies him directly because she wonders if he really have the skills to control the Suzuki corporation. She then called Makoto a hobo because he travels around the world for only his sport which Tomoko and Sonoko are having a fight because of her behavior. She made a bet with Makoto after that Makoto challenges Kid in not succeeding his role in stealing the Green Emperor.

Name Meaning

Tomoko literally means "companion child" which the kanji Tomo "朋" means "companion" or "friend" and Ko means "child" or "rat" (symbol of the Chinese Zodiac). Her maiden name "Suzuki" means: "small bell tree" which can be a reference to the items that is mostly used on Christmas on a Christmas tree. It also can mean: "buzzer wood".


  • (To Kogorō Mōri) "Like you, he's a dependable knight guarding out family treasure, the "black star"..."[3]
  • "My my, what a troublesome robber...we'll have to punish...such a naughty boy"[4]


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