Time after time ~Hana Mau Machi de~ (Literally meaning "Time after time ~In the Town of Dancing Flowers~"): performed by Mai Kuraki in the seventh movie Crossroad in the Ancient Capital.



If I had been able to meet you
I wouldn't have let go of you ever again
The hanamidou [1]
Tells of the end of spring
One petal from this misty flower...

And an old song floats back
Gently, even now, into my heart

Time after time
The miracle of meeting you
In a city where the wind whispered through
We walked a path through the hills hand in hand
And made an unforgettable promise

I can hear your voice in the wind
The thin ice freezes back over [2]
Long ago memories
Not knowing to be afraid of hurt, I swore
That someday, we'd meet again

Here, in a season of pale crimson
With smiles on our faces

Time after time
Alone in the city of whirling blossoms
Can't return to when things were fine [3]
In this very same place, just like on that day
With my face strewn with tears, I waited for you

Those petals fly in the whirling wind
As if stroking the water's surface
In my anguish, I treasure each and every one...

Everyone says that they're lonely
That they have to keep searching
For someone
But all they end up chasing after
Are the fleeting and fragile

Time after time
If I could have met you in the city of changing hues
I wouldn't need any more promises
More than anyone else
You are so easy to hurt
I want to be with you--this time, forever


春の終わり告げる 花御堂
霞む花 一枚
蘇る 思い出の歌
この胸に 今も優しく

time after time
そっと手を繋ぎ 歩いた坂道

薄氷冴返る 遠い記憶
傷付く怖さを知らず 誓った
巡り逢おう 薄紅色の
季節が来る日に 笑顔で

time after time
ひとり 花舞う街で
あの日と同じ 変わらない景色に
涙ひらり 待っていたよ

風舞う花びらが 水面を撫でるように
大切に想うほど 切なく。。。

探さずにはいられない 誰かを

time after time
出逢えたら もう約束はいらない
誰よりもずっと 傷付きやすい君の
そばにいたい今度は きっと

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