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Long summary

Masahiro Tanpa has been found dead in a mobile toilet. Misao Yamamura investigates the case which he is questioning everyone who have discovered the dead body of Tanpa. They are explaining to Misao their situations, which Makoto were been telling his story and were later been handcuffed by Misao. Misao claims that Makoto have murdered Tanpa. Kogorō tells Misao that he got it all wrong, and Sonoko is defending her boyfriend saying that he is nice and friendly. One of the investigators have discovered that the culprit have used a stun gun to Masahiro Tanpa, which Sera tells Misao that it is impossible for Makoto for using a stun gun, since he is a karate master. Misao have no other choice to release Makoto which Conan thinks that Misao and Makoto already met each other during a other case. Later, Conan have discovered who the culprit is after seeing a burn mark on the ceiling of the toilet. Sera then is in conversation with his partner and evenly sends him a picture of Conan, being known that the partner of Sera knows Conan.

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