In the previous episode, Murobashi Etsuto committed suicide after Conan and his gang were looking for the missing cabin. Conan and Sera are inspecting the mysterious locked room murder. Conan then sends Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Ayumi back to their cabins, which they refuses. Conan reacts frustrated telling them, until he comes back, that they mustn't open the room for anything else. The other guests have arrived wondering from were all the commotion comes from. Ran explains to them that there is actually a real murder. Later, Conan, Sera and Kogorō are inspecting the murder case. Later, Haibara gets a message from Vermouth, which she reacts in extreme shock. Haibara then leaves the room saying that she has to go to the toilet and afterwards taking in a medicine for her cold. After Haibara left, Ran have the feeling that Haibara is nervous about something. Once left from the group, Haibara takes the APTX 4869 and rethinks about what her mother have been told. Afterwards, Haibara said that it is a drug that never should be made. The door suddenly opens, containing Subaru, telling Haibara that, just like her sister, he can read all of her movements. Subaru then tells Haibara that she should step to their way in their area. That shocks Haibara even more and runs away from him, which leaving Subaru smirking suspiciously.

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