The lock room murder case of Murobashi Etsuto continues. Conan, Sera, and Kogorō are still interrogating peoples and investigating the case. Later, Conan have solved the case after he smirked. Meanwhile when Sera was running towards Ran and the other, Tōru Amuro opens his door suspiciously, which he sends a message to someone. Scar Akai then appears, passing by a women who talks to him which ended him being in shock and looking with anger to her. Sera then appears asking the Scar Akai who he is. After that Scar Akai talks to Sera, Sera turns in shock after it can be Shūichi. Scar Akai uses a taser to Sera which she faints. Scar obtained a message which he smiles suspiciously. Afterwards, Conan is about to hold his deduction with Kogorō as his usual voice. Amuro then suddenly appears to help in the case. Conan solved murder of Murobashi. Ran returns telling that she cannot find Haibara and that she is still looking for her. Meanwhile in a other cabin, the women which turns out to be Yukiko Kudō, and Scar Akai which turns out to be a disguise of Vermouth, also Sharon Vineyard are meeting each other again. The two then talks with each other, which meanwhile, Subaru is putting Sera on a couch which he smiles.

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