The Raven Mystery Train ~ Final Destination[1]

Bourbon holding Sherry under shot

The Raven Mystery Train (Final Destination) (漆黒の特急(終点), Shikkoku no Misuterītorein (Shūten))

Episode data
Previous The Raven Mystery Train ~ Junction
Episode Detective Conan #704
Next Conan Inside The Locked Room
File Murder on the Belltree Express
Japanese August 3, 2013


Conan solved the case through Kogorō with some assistance from Tōru Amuro. Meanwhile, Yukiko and Vermouth are seen talking in a unknown cabin. Yukiko reveals a lot of things to Vermouth which in the end doesn't seem satisfied by the conversation they are having and is pointing a gun towards Yukiko saying that she has seen through their ridiculous plans. Yukiko acts that she doesn't know about it, which Vermouth reveals the steps that Haibara usually would take, which came ending in a crossroad for the Detective Boys, as same as for Shinichi and Professor Agasa. After the discussion between the two, Vermouth releases smoke in the cabin of the murdered victim which soon spreads all over the train. After noticing the smoke, Amuro run straight to the cabin where the smoke has been released and says that it is caused by fire. Everyone has been warned about it which soon later, many of other smoke releases from different spots in the train. Meanwhile, Vermouth asks Yukiko what Haibara would do in such a situation. Yukiko responds on that, which Vermouth tells her that it is the opposite. Haibara who took in the drug meets Amuro. Amuro introduces himself to Haibara, as same revealing that he is Bourbon. Meanwhile, Kogorō have arrived which Ran asks him if he have seen Sera, Conan, and Haibara, which Kogorō explains it to her. Meanwhile, Conan calls Yukiko, which she wants to answer it but Vermouth took it and talks to Conan on exact the same voice as his mother. Conan tells her that he cannot find Haibara and asks if she is with her. Vermouth tells him that she isn't in the cabin with her, which Conan searches further and hangs up. Vermouth received a message from Amuro that they have found her which seems that they have won. Meanwhile, Amuro explains many things to Haibara and is hold under shot. Amuro was about to kill her but a strange person appears throwing a bomb which leaves the cabin gets loose from the train and explodes which leaves Yukiko screams for Haibara's name. Afterwards, it turns all to be a plan made by Conan, after Vermouth have seen Haibara on Agasa's back.


  1. Episode 704 YTV (Japanese)

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