The story begins with Gin and Vermouth having a phone conversation that contains to be about Haibara and about the previous case were Haibara have been discovered by Bourbon. After the phone conversation, she rethinks about what happened between her and Conan at their first encounter. Vermouth then walks towards the window which she stated that Bourbon is going to kill Haibara and not herself. She then apologizes to Conan by saying his nickname from her: "Silver Bullet". At the Tōkyō Station, Conan and his gang are waiting for the Mystery Train to arrive, known that Sonoko was the one who reserves their places because Kid has announced that he will target the Belltree Express for his next heist, and Sonoko wanted to leave him a love letter at the train. The group then starts to get inside the train, which Kogorō shows off, which Ran have revealed his real name towards the crowd. Conan feels a tense atmosphere coming from them and leaves. Conan and the others participates in a deduction quiz. Conan later discovered that Car 7 has been disappeared while the train was in motion which he isn't sure about that and investigates more further. After knowing the truth of Car 7, they are heading towards Murobashi Etsuto, which is revealed that he has shot himself after Conan and Sera broke the door to get to him.

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