The Kidnapping of the Company President's Daughter Case (会社の社長の娘の誘拐事件, Kaisha no Shachō no Musume no Yūkai Jiken) is a case where Akiko Tani got kidnapped. This event happened after that Shinichi has been shrunk into a elementary school kid calling himself: Conan Edogawa. This case spans from Chapter 2 until Chapter 5 in manga and episode 2 in the anime.

Plot Outline

Series Part 1

After that Shinichi has been transformed into a little kid calling himself Conan Edogawa, Agasa asked Ran if he could stay with them for a while. When Ran and Conan are walking to the Detective Agency, Ran's father comes out of his agency and tells her that he has a case. He explains that a men in black kidnapped a company presidents daughter, which makes Conan thinks that it is the same man in black who gave him the drug.

Series Part 2

Asō's Story

Asō is telling his story.

Arrived at the house where the company presidents daughter has been kidnapped, Kogorō and the father of the kidnapped girl are talking to each other, It goes about the 10-year old Akiko Tani. He explains to Kogorō that a men dressed completely black took away his daughter and that the only witness was his butler Asō. Kogorō ask if there isn't anyone else who have seen the suspect. Asō said that they didn't and said by the time that everyone came after hearing her scream the kidnapper was gone. Later when Kogorō ask him if he saw his face, he says that it was dark so he couldn't see it completely.

Kogorō asks Asō to give him more details about how Akiko has been kidnapped. Asō explained that Akiko was playing in the yard after school and that a men in black appeared from the corner of the yard. He told Asō to tell Akiko's father as if he want to have his daughter back, then he must close down the company for three months and that the police must not be involved. After he said it, he climbed on the tree and jumped over the wall.

The Kidnapping of the Company President's Daughter Case

The suspect in Asō's story.

Conan ask if the suspect's voice has any distinguished features, which Asō said that it isn't high or low.

Kogorō then ask the other maids if they heard anything, they said that they arrived about 10 seconds after her scream but they only saw Asō.

Kogorō then came to the conclusion that probably a rival company is doing it. Mr. Tani says at first that they are kidnapping his daughter and then they wanna have money. That shocks Asō saying that he only want a closure of the company not money but Mr. Tani said that he got a call from him. Mr. Tani said that he must prepare 3 Million Yen in second-hand bills. Kogorō then ask about the voice of the criminal, which Mr. Tani didn't believe that it was his real voice which he thinks that he used a voice changer. Asō then came telling Mr. Tani that there must be some kind of mistake which Mr. Tani told Asō to shut up.

Kogorō then ask Mr. Tani with which company that wanna make profit from his foreclosure, which Mr. Tani says with which company he has a affair with. Conan then came close to the tree where the suspect was climbing to escape. Dogs then came out of the bushes which Conan runs away from then and looks back noticing that there are dogs by the tree. Conan then goes to Kogorō telling about the dogs behind the tree the kidnapper escaped. Kogorō told him to shut up and ask Ran to take care of him.

Conan's way of thinking

Conan thinking about the kidnapping case.

Conan then kicks with a ball and is thinking about the kidnapping case, thinking why the kidnapped took Akiko at her house, which he says that it is simpler to grab her on the way from school and letting himself seen is careless and changing his voice on the phone demanding second hand-bills sounds strangely calm and collected to him which he later figured it out. Conan sees Asō sneaking away which Conan ask him where he is going and ask him if he goes to the place where he hid Akiko which shocks Asō. Conan then draw attention from Kogorō from kicking the ball to the tree where the "kidnapper" escaped. Conan then tells Kogorō — who got angered by his behavior — that he only was taking the ball by the tree while suddenly the three dogs showed up and start barking at him. Kogorō doesn't get it, which Conan makes it more simpler asking if the dogs are barking at anyone they don't know which Mr. Tani says that they does. That makes Kogorō thinking about what he have heard. Asō then tries to escape but Kogorō calls him back telling his deduction to Asō saying that there are some odd things that he was telling them which he explains that if the kidnapper was escaping via the tree then the dogs would already barked at him and evenly after he got away as well and when the maids where been coming out they didn't hear anything that only his voice and if he saw a kidnapper his account is too much ambiguous. Kogorō then ask him if there was no any men dressed in black and saying that he is the kidnapper.

Mr. Tani became extremely mad at Asō and asked him why he did that and ask him if someone asked him to do it, which he said that he did it all by himself. Kogorō then ask him where Akiko is, which Asō tells him that she is in a nearby hotel. Kogorō then says that the case is closed and that they are going to the hotel. Conan then then says quietly that the case isn't closed yet. One of the maid came with a phone for Mr. Tani which turns out to be the kidnapper asking if he got the money ready.

Series Part 3

Another Call

Another call from the criminal.

Mr. Tani ask him who he is which the mysterious man told him if he can remember their phone conversation a little while ago saying that he is the one who kidnapped his daughter. Mr. Tani tells him that it is impossible, which Kogorō ask Asō if he got any accomplices which Asō said that he was the only one who kidnapped Akiko.

Conan thinks that Asō is telling the truth which is hard to imagine accomplices in such an easily unraveled kidnapping case, which the statement is that by the first kidnapping, Akiko has been kidnapped again the place she was staying by someone more evil. Akiko is talking through the phone asking him to help her. The kidnapper is saying that his patience is running short and that he will kill Akiko if he doesn't get the three hundred million yen. Mr. Tani then says that he will give him to money and ask him not to hurt his daughter. Kogorō then ask Mr. Tani to stretch out the conversation and find out where he is, which Mr. Tani repeated but the loud which frustrated the kidnapper asking who is with him which makes him think that it is the police. Akiko then screams through the phone saying that she is in a warehouse, which she explains that she is in a school where she can see a big chimney out of the window. The kidnapper then told Mr. Tani that he will call him again and that he must have the money ready and hung up the phone.

Akiko's courage

Akiko tells them where she is.

Mr. Tani tells them what he heard from Akiko which Kogorō says that it is not enough to specify which school the kidnapper took Akiko which he thinks that he has taken her pretty far. Conan thinks that the kidnapper has panicked now that they know where he possibly is. Mr. Tani then is forcing Asō tell where Akiko is which he thinks that the true kidnapper and Asō are friends. Conan then got on a dog and left them, which Ran is concern about him which Kogorō tells her to leave him.

Conan is on his way to save Akiko from the kidnapper. There are five schools in the area where you can see a chimney from out of the window. Meanwhile, the true kidnapper is holding Akiko quiet. Conan is searching for each school which can see a chimney from out of the window but not evenly five of them got it. Conan then sees a skyscraper and and wonders if it can be that Akiko confused it with a chimney. Conan and the dog then running from the side of the skyscraper which it was correct. Akiko mistook it for a chimney which that the only school which can see the skyscraper is the Futatsubachi Middle School.

The Skyscraper

The mistake.

Meanwhile, the kidnapper called Mr. Tani again telling that he must put the money on the bench at the Hyakuji Park and if there are any police officers involved then he will kill Akiko. Mr. Tani asks if Akiko is save which he responded saying that she is which Mr. Tani wants to talk to her but he hung up. The kidnapper then tells Akiko that the business discussions has been completed and he has no use in her anymore which he is going to kill her.

Conan then appeared telling the kidnapper to wait, which the dog suddenly attacks the kidnapper and Conan saves Akiko. Akiko ask for Conan's name which he says "Conan Edogawa!! Detective!!", the kidnapper beats the dog whose name is Jambo. Conan then tries to defeat the kidnapper, but forgot that he his body has shrunk which he can't do things what he did when he was a high school student. Conan got beaten by the kidnapper with a baseball bat.

Series Part 4: Conclusion

Conan Appeared

Conan and Jambo Appeared.

Conan is almost at his near death with only the final blow, Akiko then tries to save Conan through Jambo but has seen that he is gone wondering where he is. On the verge of death, Ran saves Conan and beating up the criminal with her karate abilities. Kogorō later came with Jambo asking Ran if Akiko is OK which she says that she is. Ran is concerned about Conan's injuries which he says that it is nothing and ask her how they found them. Ran said that Jambo showed them and explained in details that Jambo came back to the house covered in blood which Ran ask wondered what happened. Mr. Tani looked at the thing in Jambo's mouth seeing Akiko's shoe, which the dog leads them to where Akiko is holding. Mr. Tani and Asō then appeared.

The two are happy to see each other, which Asō feels the same way. Kogorō then tells Asō to give up already because they have caught his partner. The kidnapper then explained that he grabbed Akiko when he saw her in a hotel and stated that he don't evenly have a partner. Kogorō then ask if he kidnapped her again when she was being held captive which the kidnapped said that she was sitting around eating food in the restaurant, which makes Kogorō wondering about the first kidnapping. Conan was indeed right that the first kidnapping wasn't evenly a kidnapping. Akiko then is trying to tell everything to her father which Asō tells her that she must not do it, which Mr. Tani grabbed Asō telling him that he must get out of his sight.

Kogoro gets all the credits

Kogorō gets all the credits.

Akiko then says that it isn't Asō's fault and tells him that she is the bad one. She then says that she was the one who was thinking about the kidnapping plan. Her reason was because she wants to spend time with her father because ever since three years ago that her mother died he always was working and evenly didn't care about her which she was lonely by herself, which she was making a plan to make him stop working so that he can spend some time with her which she made Asō helping her which she make him say to close the company in one month. In fact Asō didn't want to help her in her plan but she made him doing it, which he should be mad at her.

Kogorō then figured out that the first kidnapping was just an act. Mr. Tani then tells Asō that even that he was following his daughters orders it is hard for him to forgive, which as punishment which he must make a arrangements at once for a week long vacation starting tomorrow to Australia the place where Akiko ever wanted to go which will only be for him and for Akiko. But, as usual he got it too busy which he promised to do it sometime. Mr. Tani gives Kogorō the credits which bothers Conan. Akiko then thank Conan which Ran is wondering about it because Akiko said "Thank You, Detective" which Conan pointed to Kogorō saying that she was talking about him.


It was the best day for Kogorō because he has succesfully solved a case — most with Shinichi's help — which Conan has a hateful day, which at first he got drugged by two strange men in black and got a body of a elementary school student instead of a high school student and was beaten by a kidnapper. Ran is then talking about Conan, asking if Conan can stay with them for a while. Kogorō is staring at Conan which he agrees to stay with them saying that he can solve cases with him around which they take them in as long as he wants.


  • In the anime, there was only one dog showed instead of three, evenly Conan wasn't playing with none of the three dogs in the manga only in the anime.
  • Conan had serious injuries in the manga, but got soft injuries in the anime.


# English title Kanji title Romaji title
2 The Shrunken Detective 小さくなった名探偵 Chiisaku Natta Meitantei
3 The Left Out Detective 仲間はずれの名探偵 Nakama Hazure no Meitantei
4 The Sixth Chimney 6本目の煙突 Ropponme no Entotsu
5 One More Criminal もう一人の犯人 Mō Hitori no Han'nin


# Episode Title Japanese Airdate English Airdate

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