The Detectives' Nocturne ~ Deduction

Episode 673

The Detectives' Nocturne (Deduction) (探偵たちの夜想曲(ノクターン) (推理), Tantei-tachi no Yasōkyoku (Nokutān) (Suiri))

Episode data
Episode Detective Conan #673
Next The Detectives' Nocturne ~ Bourbon
Manga 799, 800
Japanese October 20, 2012


Kei Kashitsuka arrived at a tank station which she asks a employee where the toilet is leaving Conan alone in the car. Meanwhile Haibara tells Professor Agasa and Subaru that Conan and Kei are moving again but they are on the south on Ōishi Highway in the direction of Toriya Town. Subaru tells Haibara that they can't catch up with them. Agasa is wondering where the kidnapper actually is going to which for him, she is just wandering around. Subaru then thinks that she really is wandering around, but only because she can't find the target that she want to kill. Meanwhile at the Detective Agency, Kogorō is having some troubles with his computer saying that it is locked. Ran tells him that he must unlock the computer with a password. Tōru asks Ran and Kogorō how they usually come up with passwords. In trust, Ran tells Tōru that she is using her birth date while Kogorō reveals his password saying that it is "5563" which can be read as "Kogorō-san". Tōru then tells that he didn't meant that but if it is for a really long password which you can't memorise easily. Ran tells that she would write it in her phone note book. Kogorō says that he will write it on a piece paper and hide it so that nobody could find it. Kogorō found his password all thanks to Tōru's help. Meanwhile Kei is calling someone but can't call all of them three. Conan then wakes up telling that he will find them for her. After some talking, they went to the places of the three girls Kenya Shōno contacted. After seeing all the females, Kei is asking Conan has figured it out. Conan smiles which means that he knows the truth.