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The Bullet Train Bombing Case

The bomb exploded

The Time Bomb Express (新幹線大爆破事件, Shinkansen Dai Bakuha Jiken)

Episode data
Previous The Coded Map of the City Case
Episode Detective Conan #5
Next Valentine Murder Case
Manga 33, 34, 35
Japanese February 5, 1996
English May 31, 2004

Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes


Conan runs into the black-clothed men from the pilot episode while riding the Shinkansen. He investigates further and realizes they only resemble the original two men. Using his gadget glasses and a bug, Conan overhears their conversation about a bomb in a black suitcase on board the train and is set to explode soon. Conan narrows the suspects down to four. Conan realizes a woman on the cellphone mentioned she liked viewing the mountains but her seat was facing the sea. He realizes the men's seats were facing the mountains and deduces that she was the one who met them. Conan, armed with his new power kicking shoes invented by Agasa, manages to kick the briefcase off the train before it explodes. The woman and the two men are later arrested.

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