Takeshi Hatamoto (簱本 武, Hatamoto Takeshi; Viz "Takeshi Hatamoto", English TV "Theodore Hannigan") is one of the minor characters of the Detective Conan manga and anime series. He is the husband of Natsue Hatamoto.


Takeshi and Natsue got married on an island which is only for the members of the Hatamoto clan for a family tradition. Takeshi's origins indicate that he is the son of Isao Zaiki who once was the president of the Zaiki corporation after the Hatamoto family head, Gōzō, took it over ten years ago which drove Isao to commit suicide. After discovering the murder of Gōzō, he was accused as the prime suspect because his flower was founded at the front of Gōzō's door by the butler. Takeshi claims himself being innocent and the members of the Hatamoto family don't believe anything what he says just because of the horrible past. That wasn't his true purpose for marrying into the family.


Takeshi is the kindest and the most general man who has a deep care for Natsue. He sometimes got little flustered when Natsue introduces him about getting married recently when they met Ran and Conan on the luxury ship.


Takeshi is married to Natsue Hatamoto.