The Best of Conan 3

THE BEST OF DETECTIVE CONAN 3 ~Detective Conan Theme Song Collection 3~.

THE BEST OF DETECTIVE CONAN 3 ~Detective Conan Theme Song Collection 3~ is the third anime theme songs album from the "Detective Conan" franchise released on August 6, 2008 for 3,200円. Known is that it has two CD's, containing the ending and opening themes of the anime series, or evenly endings from the anime movies.


CD 1

  1. Tsubasa o Hirogete (Literally meaning "Spread My Wings"): performed by ZARD.
  2. Nanatsu no Umi o Wataru Kaze no Yō ni (Literally meaning "Like the Wind that Blows Across the Seven Seas"): performed by Rina Aiuchi and U-ka saegusa IN db.
  3. Yuruginai Mono Hitotsu (Literally meaning "One Sure Thing"): performed by B'z.
  4. Natsu o Matsu Sail no Yō ni (Literally meaning "Like a Sail That Waits for Summer"): performed by ZARD.
  5. Dream x Dream: performed by Rina Aiuchi.
  6. START: performed by Rina Aiuchi.
  7. Hoshi no Kagayaki yo (Literally meaning "The Brilliance of the Stars"): performed by, ZARD.
  8. Growing of my heart: performed by, Mai Kuraki.
  9. Shōdō (Literally meaning "Impulse"): performed by, B'z.
  10. 100 Mono Tobira (Literally meaning "100 Doors"): performed by, Rina Aiuchi and U-ka saegusa IN db.
  11. Kumo ni Notte (Literally meaning "Riding on a Cloud"): performed by U-ka saegusa IN db.
  12. Namida no Yesterday (Literally meaning "Tears of Yesterday"): performed by GARNET CROW.
  13. Glorious Mind: performed by ZARD.
  14. Ai wa Kurayami no Naka de (Literally meaning "Love is Within the Darkness"): performed by ZARD.

CD 2

  1. Nemuru Kimi no Yokogao ni Hohoemi o (Literally meaning "The Feeling When I See Your Smile While Sleeping"): performed by U-ka Saegusa in dB.
  2. Wasurezaki (Literally meaning "Forget-Me-Not"): performed by GARNET CROW.
  3. June Bride ~Anata Shika Mienai~ (Literally meaning "June Bride ~Only You I See~"): performed by U-ka Saegusa in dB.
  4. Sekai Tomete (Literally meaning "Stop the World"): performed Shiori Takei.
  5. Thank You For Everything: performed by Sayuri Iwata.
  6. Kanashii Hodo Anata ga Suki (Literally meaning "I Love You As Much As I'm Sad"): performed by ZARD.
  7. Mō Kimi Dake o Hanashitari Shinai (Literally meaning "I'll Never Let You Go"): performed by Aya Kamiki.
  8. Shiroi Yuki (Literally meaning "White Snow"): performed by Mai Kuraki.
  9. I still believe ~Tameiki~ (Literally meaning "I still believe ~Sigh~"): performed by Yumi Shizukusa.
  10. Sekai wa Mawaru to Yuu Keredo (Literally meaning "Even Though It's Said the World Revolves"): performed by GARNET CROW.
  11. Yukidoke no Ano Kawa no Nagare no Yō ni (Literally meaning "Like the River Flows When the Snow is Melting"): performed by U-ka saegusa IN db.

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