Spider (スパイダー, Supaidā) is a anime-only character from the Magic Kaitō series. Spider is his codename and work under the same unnamed organization where Snake works. He appears to be the rival of Hakuba which Hakuba tells him that he went this far. He works under a alias "Gunter Von Goldberg II" which can be though that he is from Germany, but uses the speech "Ladies and Gentlemen". He is an averagely built young, foreign man with long blond hair. While onstage, Spider's skin is white and pale. His true skin color, however, is a brownish-tan with what appears to be a spider tatoo on his left eye. He has also been considered as "The Best Illusionist in the World" by a magazine. His name was mentioned in the Magic Kaitō manga series, but his appearance was never been revealed.

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