Main article: Shinichi Kudō Due to Shinichi's popularity at the time he was still a high school student and now in the form of Conan Edogawa, he made a lot of friends and also enemies and also connections with the law enforcement and a few contacts with the Black Organization.


Shinichi is born to Yūsaku and Yukiko Kudō. They currently live in the United States, leaving Shinichi in Japan when he was 14 years old because he wanted to be with Ran, which he hides as a business he must take care of[1]. Shinichi loves his parents dearly but sometimes finds his parents carefree ways to be annoying. Shinichi's parents are more in spotlight of fame than he does. Yūsaku Kudō is a mystery novelist who gained fame both in Japan and in the United States and Yukiko Kudō is a retired actress but still known by a lot of peoples in Japan. Yūsaku Kudō is also a detective with the same keen eye for details which can be similar to Holmes' brother Mycroft which it seems that he is always one step ahead of his son each time of a case.

Yūsaku Kudō

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Shinichi has a great relationship with his father. He was often taken with his father to cases, which one of the cases he was really mad about because he didn't solve it according to him[2]. Shinichi is mostly resembles his father in appearance, but also in personality. Most police detectives that know Shinichi's father reference mostly to Shinichi that he is just like his father or that he is currently in another retaliation with the second generation Kaitō Kid. Shinichi admires his father, but when he gets mad at him he can pull out a prank that doesn't suite him which he can pull out of his calmness[3]. It is also shown that Shinichi wants to be like his father in most ways but doesn't want to become a mystery novelist like he is[4]. Shinichi doesn't accept his fathers offers when he showed that Yūsaku want to sent the Interpol to make a search for the Black Organization. He also learned things from his father during vacations. It is also known that he never went with his parents to England, but went to other places around the world.

Yukiko Kudō

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Shinichi and Yukiko have a more arguing and debating relationship, which is seen as she is the only one of the two who is punishing Shinichi for doing bad things or evenly shows a wise talk with his mother[5]. Shinichi is still showing that behaviour towards her when he evenly is turned into Conan, when a ex-classmate was telling her that she and her husband are still loving each other which makes Shinichi laugh about it and which he got hit afterwards[6]. It also seems that Shinichi doesn't like to spend awkward time with his mother, or evenly dislikes it when he gets lifted by his mother[7], or is between his mothers chest[8]. Somehow, Shinichi joins his mother in ridiculous or dangerous things like sticking himself out of the window to balance the car[9], but also seemed to care about it's mothers dangerous behaviour[10].


Ran Mōri

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Shinichi has known Ran since kindergarten. They are each others childhood friends and are each others canonical love interest. Shinichi formerly called Ran by her last name every time, which Ran said at one day that he must call her just Ran which he did since that time[11]. He take Ran to many things which he made Ran's mother — Eri Kisaki dislikes him for the dangerous adventures he put her in, which that Shinichi creates a self defense reflexes to avoid her punishments[12][13]. Shinichi and Ran are very close to each other, which makes their friends thinks that they are a couple, and even makes embarrassment moments which can happen when they are all alone including Sonoko — Ran's best friend and one of Shinichi's friend[14][15]. Ran is really annoyed about Shinichi's obsession about Sherlock Holmes[16], but Shinichi is a bit disturbed by Ran's ability to crack concrete when she's unhappy[17]. At the beginning, Shinichi seems to dream about he and Ran together or even when they are kissing[17], but in general they can go along with each other.

After the sudden disappearance of Shinichi which that troubled Ran to the point of insomnia and nearly going to the police. Shinichi sometimes calls Ran at the time he is turned into Conan Edogawa to make her mind at ease[18]. As Conan, he gets most of the times nosebleed when he thinks about something sexual as seen that he rethinks about taking a bath with Ran[19] or when he is getting a picture from Ran half-naked. Even a conversation between Ran and Sonoko gave him blushes constantly.

They not only have a love relationship together, but also a cat and mouse game between her and Conan. Ran is constantly trying to figure out the secret of Conan which she is evenly trying her best to reveal it. Conan attempts to escape mostly from the high pressure distance conversation the two have, which if Ran figured out that he is in fact Shinichi, she would kill him with her karate, plus her life would also be in danger with the Black Organization.

Conan's Relationships

As the shrunken form, he meet friends while staying at the Teitan Elementary School due to his adventurist nature and his smart behavior which seems very new for little kids from the school.

Detective Boys

Main article: Detective Boys Conan is a member of the Detective Boys a club that contains himself, Genta Kojima, Ayumi Yoshida, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, Hiroshi Agasa, Ai Haibara and Sumiko Kobayashi. It is not known who originally created the Detective Boys, but most likely has been created by Genta Kojima[20]. The Detective Boys obtain gadgets from Hiroshi Agasa, well mostly Conan. Conan is normally seen as the leader of the group, cause due to his brave nature and that he is mostly the one who saves the Detective Boys from trouble.

Ayumi Yoshida

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Conan developed that Ayumi has a crush on him due to his brave behavior and showing courage and saved them from some mafioso's[21]. Ayumi gave Conan a kiss on his cheek and hugs him which makes Ran thinks that Ayumi is Conan's girlfriend[22]. Conan respects Ayumi because of her sharp wit and observational skills like what the other members of the Detective Boys share.

Genta Kojima

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Conan gets mostly a irritated impression from Genta, but do care about him as a friend which he want to protect from criminals or from someone else. Genta is impressed by Conan's vast knowledge and incredible deduction skills. Genta and Mitsuhiko becomes quite jealous when Ayumi is all around Conan[22].

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya

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Mitsuhiko sees Conan as a model, someone he can look up to. Conan is sometimes impressed by Mitsuhiko's knowledge and evenly Conan is the first one who knows that Mitsuhiko has a crush on Haibara[23].


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