Shadow Person

Two shady persons.

Shadow Person (影人, Kagejin), or by fans Dark Person (黒い人, Kuroijin), or Mysterious Shadow Person (影人の謎, Kagejin no Nazo) are mostly the shady figure of the culprit of the Detective Conan series. They became a popular figure in the Detective Conan series due to their various appearances they've made during the series progress. They only appear when the culprit is trying to destroy the evidence or killing a person, also they are willingly to attack a person who is close to reveal the culprit's identity or that has contacts with the police. It also can be that they are also trying to kill a person who are in close contact with a important evidence that the culprit has left during his crime which the person who have found the evidence can tell to the detectives or police officers.

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