The forensics couldn't find no any residue on the three suspects. Conan brought the three suspects to the place of the murder according to what Takagi and Heiji told Conan what he must do. After discussing how the culprit could kill Fūra, Conan shows everyone in the hall that Takagi has come through the elevator. Takagi acted as the same way as by the murder and went up. Kogorō thinks that Takagi and Heiji where behind is, thinking that Heiji was pointing his finger towards Takagi. Takagi then appeared saying that Heiji told him to stay where he is to observe everyone's reaction. The elevator came back with Takagi, which was Heiji hiding his face behind a note tablet. After a explanation about how the Fūra could be killed, Naoko Izutsu has been pointed as the culprit. After showing some demonstrations on how it possibly can be done, but Conan came with the right deduction than Heiji. After the deduction, she admit killing Fūra. It turns out that she want to avenge her sensei's death and the album that she gave him when she was in high school which made it all sad. Naoko told that she was in the room to look for the album and solve the suicide of her sensei all be herself. After the whole scene, Gorō received a call from Heiji's father. Heizo said that a dramatic case is up, which he ask Gorō if vampires really exist.