A Template:Translation is known in the Detective Conan world as a Template:Translation for certain characters in the series, as example: Conan Edogawa is actually Shinichi Kudō but he was shrunk by a mysterious toxin named APTX 4869 that de-aged him again as a elementary school kid. Shinichi Kudō is actually the original person, but he came up with the name Conan Edogawa after that he got shrunk into a elementary school kid to protect the ones he care about which he also changed his personality to sound not suspicious. But due to Shinichi's habit of joy of a detective job, he is showing his original personality towards everyone which some have discovered that Conan is actually Shinichi and others suspecting it. With other words, there are characters in the series that are faking about themselves to take a new role to operate from out there and protecting the ones they love.


Shinichi Kudō/Conan Edogawa


Shinichi and Conan 2

Shinichi and Conan.

As the main protagonist of the Detective Conan series, Shinichi has been shrunk into a kid after being forced to take in the toxin APTX 4869 by a criminal organization named the "Black Organization". Shinichi went to his own house where he is confronted by his neighbor Hiroshi Agasa who didn't believe him at first but after showing his personality to him, he gained Agasa's trust. Meanwhile, Agasa brought Shinichi to his own home where Shinichi explains why he got the body of a kid. Ran came to Shinichi's mansion which Shinichi panicked and was hiding under his father's desk. Once Ran came inside the library of Shinichi's mansion, she had a comment left for him which Shinichi blew his cover. Ran heard the noise and went to the place were Shinichi is hiding. Shinichi sees his father's glasses in the drawer at his father's desk which he puts on which leads Ran not seeing the difference and asking his age and name. Shinichi said that his name was Conan Edogawa because he was under pressure of Ran's interrogations. Professor Agasa came with the idea that Shinichi should stay at Ran's house which Shinichi refuses to do, but Agasa reminds Shinichi that Ran's father Kogorō Mōri owns a detective agency which he can operate from there and investigate the man who gave him that poison.

Shinichi went through a lot with his new alter-ego Conan Edogawa, he has been placed again at his former school: Teitan Elementary School where he meets Genta Kojima, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, and Ayumi Yoshida which later forms the Detective Boys. Shinichi also meets different kinds of other detectives and new information about the men in black that drugged him, and he evenly met the creator of the drug; Shiho Miyano, the former scientist of the Black Organization.

Peoples who know about Shinichi Kudō's secret identity
Name Japanese Name Status Chapter Episode
Hiroshi Agasa 阿笠博士 Alive Chapter 2 Episode 2
Akemi Miyano 宮野明美 Deceased Chapter 16 Episode 128
Yūsaku Kudō 工藤優作 Alive Chapter 51 Episode 43
Yukiko Kudō 工藤有希子 Alive Chapter 51 Episode 43
Heiji Hattori 服部平次 Alive
Shiho Miyano/Ai Haibara 灰原哀/宮野志保 Alive
Vermouth ベルモット Alive
Eisuke Hondō 本堂瑛祐 Alive
Subaru Okiya/Shūichi Akai 沖矢昴/赤井秀一 Unknown/Alive

Shiho Miyano/Ai Haibara