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Shinichi also known as the "Savior of the Japanese Police Department".

Savior of the Japanese Police Department (日本警察の救世主, Nihon Keisatsu no Kyūseishu) is the nickname of Shinichi Kudō which was mentioned a lot by his fans, the news and the newspaper. Shinichi is extremely glad by obtaining the nickname and his achievement of fame in his favorite hobby and job. The reason why Shinichi got the name is because he can solve cases that cannot be solved by the police, police detectives or private inspectors. The name is low appreciated by his friends and mostly by Ran's father Kogorō Mōri which he dislikes him because he made him almost jobless by getting cases.

High School Student Detective

"Savior of the Japanese Police Department" isn't Shinichi's only nickname, he is also mostly called "High School Student Detective" which is mostly used in the news or in newspaper. The reason for his second nickname is because Shinichi is still going to High School and takes the role of a detective to solve cases on a teen age.