Template:Infobox Template:Translation a investigator of the American insurance company, but in fact she is actually known as Template:Translation. Her true motive was to bring back all the jewel that where been created for Ken Mitsuishi's wife. The jewels where all created by her father but killed himself because he couldn't sully Marie.


Ruby's Texas way

Ruby's Texas way.

She is a very high knowledgeable women which she has sometimes a big ego when she evenly challenged Kaito Kid for the Golden Eye. In fact she is a very nice women that plays like a thief to get back all the jewellery that her father made for Ken's wife evenly she doesn't evenly care about anything in order to get the jewels back her father has created. Evenly she does everything through scissors. Known is that she had cut the tie of Inspector Nakamori and the wife of Dan Mitsuishi. She is also very knowledgeable in Japanese knowing the names of stones through some of the characters Japanese names. As example, the name of Aoko means literally Blue Child which she refers her to be sapphire (a most common event is that most Japanese parents are naming their childrens if they are happening to be born in a month with a certain meaning as example: "Satsuki", Satsuki means May in Japanese which is mostly given to peoples that are born in the month May. In other words everything that connects with a meaning). She is also knows which tricks Kaito is pulling and what he is doing, but cannot discover mostly where he is but knows his movements.


Cat Noir

Ruby as Chat Noir.

She has a brown skin colour and blue eyes. Brown hair that has bee set in a pony tail and some hair at her face. She wears glasses and a office dress. In her disguise as Chat Noir she wears a full black outfit that can be resembled to what SWAT members wearing. She wears a black mask with red eyes contact which her pupil turns out to be cat like.



  • Chat Noir means literally Cat Black in French or simply Black Cat. Chat means Cat in French and Noir means Black in French either.