Reiko (令子, Reiko; English TV "Rickie") is a friend of Aiko , Hitomi and Kishida. During a visit in Tropical Country , as they visit the attraction Mystery Coaster, they meet Ran and Shinichi .









The Murder In the Roller Coaster

Main article: The Murder In the Roller Coaster In Mystery Coaster take the four friends the same car and drive to the roller coaster. During this ride at once an accident happens and Kishida was killed. Immediately thereafter, the police called and Juzo Megure appears with his colleagues to determine. As Megure then Shinichi discovers he asks him to help him in the investigation, what does he do willingly.

A short time later the falls Aiko suspected offender to be, since in her pocket a bloody knife was found, which frightened Aiko and her friend totally. But unlike the police, Shinichi is convinced of the innocence Aiko and thought that Hitomi was the culprit.

He says that Aiko the second murder victim never had in life with such a small knife can kill. He thinks that Hitomi him with her pearl necklace killed, she wears not been driving. Reiko cried after the story that Hitomi tells them how Kishida dumped her for Aiko. Hitomi is now removed by the police and Reiko and Aiko are very disappointed in her. What this case has also been completed.


  1. Detective Conan Anime: Episode 1
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