Recollection of Golden Eye

KKS Episode 671

(追憶のゴールデン·アイ, Tsuioku no Gōruden Ai)

Episode data
Episode Detective Conan #674.1
Japanese November 3, 2012

Dan MitsuishiKen MitsuishiRuby JonesRuby's Father


During a heist, Kid is seen fleeing from a massive police force when he meets another thief named Cat Noir. Cat Noir declares Kid to a contest at 9PM at the Hotel Ocean. After Cat Noir fades away, Kid drops the golden dagger that he has stolen. The next day, the news of the battle between Kid and Chat Noir has been spread. Aoko is reading the news of Kaitō Kid and Chat Noir which turns out to be Kaito's phone. Aoko is bugging Kaito about what happened yesterday, because Kaito is a Kid supporter and Kid himself. Kaito then thinks telling to himself that it wasn't the jewel he was looking for. In Paris, Hakuba also had read the message. Meanwhile at Hotel Ocean, Inspector Nakamori sees the "Golden Eye" and meets it's owner. Kaito prepared for the heist before the clock goes on 9PM. Later, it succeeded Kid to steal the Golden Eye. Kid has then been contacted with Cat Noir which the two are talking to each other when Kid is trying to escape. Kid then reveals Chat Noir's identity as Ruby Jones. When Ruby explains everything to Kid, she then looks at the Golden Eye she stole from him which turns out to be fake. Kid then tells her that she will bring the original Golden Eye back to her. Ruby says that it is impossible, but Kōnosuke Jii gave it to her. Ruby asked Kaito why he is doing it for her. Kaito tells her that the crimes she makes resembles that of him. The police arrived which Dan Mitsuishi tells them to lower the lift. Inspector Nakamori says that it isn't a hole which the glass broke and Kid escapes. Ruby hang up the phone given her thanks to Kaito.


  • Conan is seen walking through the city in this episode.
  • In this episode, it contains that Ruby still has her glasses on but in the manga she did it off.
  • Alen Cartier is not introduced in this episode.

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