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Though Ran may seem hot-blooded and violent, she's actually very kind and thoughtful of others. That's why she's loved by many, especially her friends and family. 


Ran Mori is the daughter of Kogoro Mori and Eri Kisaki. Due to Kogoro and Eri's divorce, Ran attempts to bring her parents together again, but of course her mother usually finds it out: making the attempt a failure. Even so, she holds her parents dear even though they are separated. 

Kogorō Mōri

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Though her father is lazy, gambling too much and sleeps too much (though not case related), Ran loves her father a lot. There are sometimes they argue over things, such as financial problems (it usually ends with Ran as the winner), but both of them know that they can't hate each other. A lot of times will Kogoro show concern for his daughter's safety, mostly yelling at Shinichi to assure her daughter safety, and panics when Ran is in trouble, usually ends up with him trying to save his daughter (but mostly Shinichi succeeds).

Eri Kisaki

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Ran admires her mother because of her deduction skills and independence. So far that her mother is a role model for her. Due to the divorce, Eri and Kogoro lives seperately, but you can often see Ran (and Conan sometimes) spend times with Eri (usually all ends up in a case). Ran loves her mother a lot, and likewise. She loves her mother so much that she is willing to kick a man's face for the sake of her mother (though it was revealed that the man was a vet, and he was assuring Eri's cat's health, even if he was fooling with some ladies).


Shinichi Kudō

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Shinichi and Ran are childhood friends and best friends since they were small. However it didn't stop Ran to develop some feelings for him. Though sometimes she wonders what she sees in the deduction freak, but later realises why she had fallen for him. In Ran's eyes he's kind, smart, talented and hard-working. 

Since their childhood, Shinichi has this habit to involve Ran in his adventures. And all ends up both of them being punished. It shows that they are very close, so close that they can trust each other in dangerous situations. And that, of course, leads to teasing from their friends of how much they are like a couple. Mostly from Sonoko Suzuki, who mostly aren't least embarrassing calling Ran and Shinichi a married couple. 

At the first episode of Case Closed/Detective Conan, it was shown that Ran had an unwell feeling of something bad will happen. After the disappearance of Shinichi, Ran became worried sick, that she even decided to visit Professor Agasa to ask him if Shinichi even contacted him. Instead she found Shinichi's shrunken form, Edogawa Conan. At that time she had quite a fond of Conan, enough to tell him who she likes (which turned out to be him). But because she is kind of naive she only sees Conan as a kid, or a little brother. Situations like having a bath with Conan and sleeping beside him occurs a bit often, though she can't imagine Conan more than just a kid even though he got a nosebleed by remembering their bath. Sometimes she doubts Conan's identity: often she imagine Conan as Shinichi who somehow turned into a kid, but her theory backfires when Conan can somehow make her believe something else. Frustration with Shinichi's disappearance usually leads her to Conan's comfort. 

Sonoko Suzuki

Sonoko is Ran's best friend. Even though Ran and Shinichi have been friends for a long time, Sonoko is still an important friend for Ran. Since Sonoko is a part of a wealthy family, the Suzuki corporation, she is often approached by fake friends, but Sonoko knows that Ran is different. Ran sees Sonoko as Sonoko, not a wealthy daughter. Those making their friendship even more special. Sonoko cares a lot for Ran, she even cried when she heard Ran had lost her memories, she tried to regain her memories back too. 

Unlike Ran, Sonoko can't protect herself against bad guys, since she gets caught up in different cases, so she usually tends to depend on Ran while she tries to help with her own power. 

Sonoko is the main teaser of Ran and Shinichi's relationship, thus the reason for photos of Ran being sent to Shinichi's phone. She even calls Shinichi for Ran's husband and such: making Ran very embarrassed.

Though Sonoko may appear as a joker, she is quite concerned over Ran's relationship with Shinichi, thus she tried to make Ran forget about Shinichi and go for another guy. Like for example Sonoko tried to convince Ran that she should seduce some college boys in a very cute mini-skirt while playing tennis and send it to Shinichi to make him jealous, unfortunately it began raining, thus making it impossible to play tennis.