Ran Mōri (毛利 蘭, Mōri Ran; Viz "Rachel Moore", English TV "Rachel Moore") is the second main protagonist of the "Detective Conan" series. She is the best friend of Shinichi Kudō the teenage detective and the Savior of the Japanese Police Department (日本警察の救世主, Nihon Keisatsu no Kyūseishu)[2]. She hopes that Shinichi will return one day. She acts like a adoptive mother for Conan Edogawa — Shinichi's alter ego.


Shinichi and Ran's first meeting with the original Kaito Kid

Ran and Shinichi's meeting with a mysterious person.

Ran is born by a private detective Kogorō Mōri who gained fame as Sleeping Kogorō (眠りの小五郎, Nemuri no Kogorō) after Conan's arrival at their house and Eri Kisaki a famed layer known as Queen of the Courtroom by her professional acquaintances. When Ran was 6, she and Shinichi went to their own elementary school when they were young to find the identity of the monster. However Ran came along with Shinichi even though Shinichi didn't ask her to go with him[3]. Once getting inside of the school, they headed towards the school library in which they noticed someone who turned out to be the drunken security guard. Once getting inside the library, they met a mysterious man who gave them a code inside a leather wallet that was thrown at them with a knife[4]. When they both got home, she lied that she was picking up something that she forgot, in which her mother knew that it was a lie[5]. Later, Shinichi and Ran solved the case, but not quietly for that was also the first time that Shinichi started to call her Ran instead of her last name[6].

Ran and Fusae

Ran meets Fusae Campbell.

Ran met Fusae Campbell when she was young. Fusae Campbell asked Ran if she was waiting too for something. Ran said that she forgot her umbrella at home so she was hiding under the tree until the rain goes away. Fusae then gives hers to Ran, which Ran actually rejected because Fusae would get wet. Fusae then makes it like this: Ran has to repay her which she tells Ran that when she grows up, she has to buy a purse that she designed which is in the market. Ran then agrees with it and sees Shinichi. She thanked Fusae for the umbrella. [7]

When she was 7, her parents got separated for some unknown reasons[8]. It became her ambition to bring them back even when she grows older.

Shinichi and Ran, outside the car

Ran and Shinichi outside of Yukiko's car.

When Ran was 15, she and Shinichi went to Los Angeles to meet Shinichi's parents which they took advantage of, since Kogorō was on a community trip [9]. She was there when Shinichi solved his first case and gained recognition as a detective[10]. The same night they arrived in Los Angeles, Ran woke up in the car of Yukiko Kudō where they've been brought music theater the "Golden Apple"[11] to watch a musical. Ran noticed that there were a lot of police cars, which Yukiko tells them that there is a serial killer somewhere in America, knowing that he is of Japanese decent. After watching the time, Yukiko forgot that it is summer time and that they couldn't be there on time which made Yukiko drive like crazy with Shinichi's help, and Shinichi also asked Ran to help them out as well[12].

Sharon gives Ran her handkerchief

Sharon gives Ran her handkerchief.

Once arriving at the Golden Apple, they met a friend of Yukiko that were both apprentices of Tōichi Kuroba named Sharon Vineyard who helped them out when Yukiko got busted by the police for seeing her speeding on the freeway[13]. Ran cannot believe she could meet Sharon Vineyard, which she says that she didn't expect to meet someone that famous in New York City which she thank God for it[14]. Sharon then tells Ran what she thinks about it, saying that no angel has smiled upon her, in which Ran doesn't quietly know what she means. When she ask her what she meant about that, Yukiko explained it to her. In the Golden Apple music theater, she saved the actress Rose Hewitt from the death, where she didn't thanked Ran but the mirror and God, but Sharon said that neither one of the two saved Rose and that she must thank Ran for saving her. Ran sees that her arm got scratched by saving Rose, so Sharon gives Ran her handkerchief[15]. Later the theater has been upreared by a murder case.

Ran meets Akai

Ran meets a strange man.

After the murder case, Ran and Shinichi went back to the hotel after Yukiko's orders because the serial killer was still around. In a taxi back to the hotel, Shinichi was talking with Ran about some Sherlock Holmes stuff, but she was looking depressed. Shinichi ask if she was still thinking what Rose said, in which Ran said that she isn't because she didn't understand Rose's English very well[16]. Shinichi then told her to close down the window in the taxi because it was raining and he was afraid that she would catch a cold. Ran said that it is OK and that she cannot see New York City if the window is closed. Shinichi then said that the rain will make the car seats dirty, when she shows her handkerchief that she have obtained from Sharon Vineyard saying that she will clean them up[16]. However, her handkerchief fell away from her hand to the stair rail[16][17]. Shinichi then went away to the stair rail to get it for Ran, while she was thinking about what Sharon and Rose told her. She then sees a man with long hair knowing that he is of Japanese descent.

Shinichi helping Ran to save a serial killer

Shinichi and Ran are helping the serial killer.

The man with long hair ask Ran if she is Japanese in which she says yes. He then ask Ran if she had seen a suspicious man which he gives a description of him saying that it is a Japanese man with dyed long silver hair. Ran says that she didn't see anyone with that description. The man's partner then arrived where he pulled Ran's arm, asking her to come with them because the area is dangerous and they where planning to put her on the main street and give her information of what to do next. Ran then says that she is waiting for a friend, but the man says that he is telling her and his friend to get lost from the area cause it is dangerous[18]. After they left, she then went to Shinichi where she sees the serial killer. Shinichi then appears, saying that she must get out of here because that is the real serial killer. The serial killer was planning to kill Ran but he fell down from the stairs which Ran saved him with the help of Shinichi[19]. Ran then faints for being ill, and the next day she was hanging around with Shinichi and his mother in a park.


Ran smacking a pole

One of Ran's short fuse.

Ran is a patient, kind and nurturing and as the same time as Shinichi, she has the same idealism of justice. Ran has a very big patience in waiting for someone or for something, which is known that she is still waiting for Shinichi to return after solving the case he is in, but this costs Ran emotional pain for she couldnt sleep in the beginning[20]. When she gets angry about something or someone, she then uses objects as warnings to do what she pleases or to make something stop because she doesn't like it[21][22]. Ran is a very bad liar when something seems not usual for her, which mostly makes her mother, Eri Kisaki, think that she was mostly hanging around with Shinichi[5]. Now, whenever she is lying, she seems to be concerned mostly about something. She has an ambition of bringing her mother and father back together, which she used mostly by sly tricks where she tries to make her mother think that her father did that, but mostly Ran's mother figured out that it was her all along.

Ran playing Japanese Mahjong

Ran's luck.

Ran is a person who cries a lot, both known by Shinichi and Shūichi Akai. Ran's greatest personality trait is that she genuinely cares for those she loves, which she mostly thinks about what she could have done to prevent them from being hurt. Ran is very hot-blooded when the people who she care about are involved in dangerous circumstances, which she mostly jumps into conclusions or not hesitating by using her karate[23]. Ran is known to have a crush on Shinichi for a very long time, but she often fails to convey her feelings because she suddenly becomes self-conscious[24]. It seems also that Ran gets frustrated when Shinichi is mostly been talking about Sherlock Holmes, calling him mostly Mystery Otaku (推理オタク, Suiri Otaku; Literally meaning "Deduction Freak")[25]. Ran is mostly getting teased by Sonoko about her relationship with Shinichi, taking multiple pictures of Ran and sending them to Shinichi.

Ran is mostly also seen as the mother figure at the agency after her mother left. She is mostly seen taking care of her father instead of him taking care of her, being seen that she is mostly cleaning up the house, sewing and cooking. She also is astonishingly lucky at gambling, lotteries, and any game of chance; having never been known to lose once[26][27]. She can be very brave and resourceful when she wants to be, and rescues Conan from trouble on some occasion. Ran is not a big fan of supernatural unlike Sonoko, which is known that she dislikes horror genre[28].


Main article: Ran Mōri's Relationships

Ran made a lot of friends through elementary school and high school and even on her father's cases or in some of the cases of Shinichi. A lot of most detective-like characters are mostly friends with Ran because they could learn more about Shinichi.


Ran design

Ran Mōri's appearance.

Ran is a very beautiful girl who has brown hair and blue eyes. Occasionally, her eyes look purple in some scenes. When Ran was young, she first didn't have long long, but her hair was short so around her shoulder, it stopped[6]. She has a tuft on the upper part of her hair which first looked like some sort of wave like[29]. Ran first was mostly seen in a short dress when she was younger, but when she became older, she is now wearing different clothes, such as her school uniform. Her school uniform is a blue blazer, a green neck-tie and a blue skirt, wearing red or blue sneakers, but later has been changed to a more student like attire where they also wear neat black shoes. During the summer time at her school, she wears a sweater vest instead of a blazer.

In regular, she wears mostly fashionable, casual clothes instead of walking constantly on her school uniform. Somehow, she is mostly seen with a winter jacket, short pants and a black sweater, sometimes without the winter jacket.


The Ability of Luck

Ran is extremely lucky in the area of gambling, lotteries or any games of chance, also known for winning a prize she wants to go for[27]. She can make the people with who she plays with, stunned, even Conan, because he thinks that there is no chance that someone can win in those kinds of things.


Ran beating the kidnapper

Ran beating the kidnapper.

Ran is extremely high skilled in karate but not masterful. Ran is also trained by her father in Judo but she likes karate more than Judo. Ran is the ace and captain of the karate team at the Teitan High School[30]. Ran has won many tournaments which she holds the title of Regional Champion for her age group. Ran also uses her techniques and strength against her father and Conan when they are laughing or making fun of her, or doesn't do what she likes to do as a family.

Unfortunately, Ran cannot use her techniques when she is too scared where she gets stunned and cannot move. Conan says that Ran has a unusual amount of stamina[31]. She also couldn't use her karate when she was suffering of amnesia, but when she recovered her memories, she was able to use it[32].


The Murder In the Roller Coaster

Main article: The Murder In the Roller Coaster

Ran hits Shinichi with her karate uniform after that he was smiling like a idiot about his fame about a case. Ran and Shinichi are walking back home were Shinichi tells Ran why he wants to be a detective. Once Shinichi is almost at his house he is getting stopped by Ran. Ran reminds him that he promised her that he would take her to Tropical land if he won the city's karate tournament. Shinichi doesn't seem to remember which bothers Ran. Shinichi then reminds it which Ran reminds him that he is paying for everything which is something Shinichi can't remember.

Final moment with Shinichi

Final moment with Shinichi.

The next day at Tropical Land. Shinichi is talking about Sherlock Holmes until the roller coaster ride were Ran shouts to Shinichi to stop talking about Holmes or about Conan Doyle. Ran fools Shinichi when she was looking sad telling him why he cannot understand her feelings, which causes Shinichi to act nervous. Once the roller coaster starts to ride, she is holding Shinichi's hand tight. When they are passing a tunnel, they see that Kishida has been decapitated. On the station, Ran is holding herself to Shinichi showing some tears. After the case, Ran keeps crying about what happened, which Shinichi tries to calm her down. When Shinichi sees one of the strange men he starts to chase him telling Ran that he will catch up with her later, which she has a feeling that it is the last time she might see Shinichi.

She is then seen in her father's office, Kogorō Mōri, a private detective. She calls Shinichi's home only to find there is no one home, so she decides to run to his house to investigate her friend's sudden disappearance.

Ran arrives at Shinichi's house, only to find Professor Agasa, and a small kid who introduces himself as Conan, although unbeknownst to her he is actually Shinichi. Agasa asks Ran to take care of Shinichi giving her the reason, that Conan's parents were hospitalized, and he was incapable of taking care of him, to which she agreed only at the agreement of her father. Ran then goes to her father's place but is knocked by him, as he had just gotten a job to find a kidnapped child. Conan runs into the cab, making Ran follow as well, and the three end up going to find the kidnapped child.

Appearance In Other Media

Video games

Creation and Concept

Ran Mōri's name comes from Maurice Leblanc the writter of the Arsène Lupin series that have been published in France and later world wide and also nowadays world wide known as one of Sherlock Holmes nemesis. The inspiration of Ran's name why was explained by Gosho Aoyama, it is often mistaken that her name comes from Edogawa Rampo the author of the series Kogorō Akechi which has not been true. Ran's entire name is based from Maurice Leblanc's name, which his Japanese translated name comes out like: Mōrisu Ruburan (モーリス・ルブラン). The name "Ran" means: "Orchid" or the country "Holland". The name Mōri means "fur", hair", feather", or "down" which comes from the kanji "Mō" and "profit", "advantage", "benefit" from the kanji "Ri".

Gosho Aoyama stated in an interview for the 16th movie of Detective Conan that Ran is one of his favorite female characters. Gosho Aoyama doesn't tell on which date Ran has been born, but he did state that her 17th birthday will play a major role in the future chapters of Detective Conan, which is known that she is still 16 years old.


  • Many fan related Detective Conan websites thought that Ran's name comes from the Japanese mystery writer Edogawa Ranpo.
  • Ran shows many resemblance to some second female protagonist from Gosho Aoyama's previous works.
  • Ran's ring finger is longer than her index finger.


  • (To Shinichi) "I said, I'm not mad about anything!!"[33]
  • (To Shinichi) "No thanks, I'd rather not catch your detective disease."[34]
  • (To Shinichi) "Would you just shut up with the Holmes this, Conan Doyle that already?! You mystery otaku!!"[35]
  • (To Shinichi) "I was really looking forward to coming here with you, Shinichi! Why can't you understand my feelings!"[36]
  • (To Shinichi) "What are you getting nervous about, idiot? I'm just kidding! You can't expect to be a detective if you fall for something like that"[36]
  • "He's leaving...Why did I have this feeling...? The feeling that I would never see Shinichi again...A very bad feeling..."[37]


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