Raita Banba (伴場頼太, Banba Raita) was Kogorō's friend from High School and seeing him as a good friend, but referenced him by his friends as a bad one. He was the fiancee of Hatsune Kamon until the truth came that they can't marry each other because they are twins.


He and his sister where rescued by a hotel fire and where been taken into a church without knowing each other[1]. Their parents where been killed in the fire so no one else could know that he and Hatsune where relatives of each other. Around some time, Raita met Kogorō during high school, which he later told Kogorō itself that he glared at each guy that was looking at Eri[2]. He later start dating Hatsune, which the two where actually about to marry each other, but since it was known that they both are relatives of each other, the marriage was cancelled.


He's much more of a flirt and a person who cannot control himself when he is drunk — as same as Kogorō. He did care about Hatsune, knowing that he would do something to her when he sees her flirting with another guy[3], evenly sends a detective to spy on her because of her strange behavior.


He got dark slate-gray hair that goes side-wards on his forehead and behind it is wide-spread on the downside. He has a slate-gray beard and the same color eyes.


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