• (Shinichi to Inspector Megure) "If you've got a tough case to crack, just leave it to the great Shinichi Kudō."
  • (Schoolgirls) "Did you hear? That high school detective did it again!"
  • (Ran to Shinichi) "Look at you, acting luck such a dork..."
  • (Shinichi to Ran) "What? You're father still a detective"
  • (Shinichi to Ran) "But it's not my fault he's not getting any work, it's because he sucks at it..."
  • (Ran to Shinichi) "I said, I'm not mad about anything!!"
  • (Ran to Shinichi) "If you hadn't quit the soccer team, Shinichi, you'd be a national hero right now..."
  • (Shinichi to Ran) "He's amazing! Always cool and composed!! Brimming with intelligence and refinement!! His deduction and observation skills are peerless! And on top of that, he was good enough to be a professional violinist! Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes, the world's greatest detective!"
  • (Shinichi to Ran) "But look, fan letters...everyone loves a detective freak!"
  • (Ran to Shinichi) "I don't mind you going ga-ga over these girls...but you really ought to narrow down to one!!"
  • (Shinichi to Ran) "I don't want to write about detectives...I want to be one! The Heisei Sherlock Holmes!!"
  • (Ran to Shinichi) "Weren't you the one who said it!? You said if I won the city tournament you'd take me to the amusement park!!"
  • (Shinichi's imagination) "Ran... the truth is, I've been in love with you for a long time now..."
  • (Ran to Shinichi) "Would you shut up with the Holmes this, Conan Doyle that already?! You Mystery Freak!!"
  • (Ran to Shinichi) "I was really looking forward to coming here with you, Shinichi! Why can't you understand my feelings?"
  • (Ran to Shinichi) "What are you getting nervous about, idiot? I'm just kidding!"
  • (Shinichi to Gin) "Those cold as ice!! The eyes of someone who could kill countless numbers of peoples without feeling a thing!"
  • (Hitomi's explanation) "Yes!! We were in love a long time before I met you in college!!"
  • (Shinichi to Ran) "Oh, I've been around lots of crime scenes, so I see lots of bodies in pieces..."
  • (Ran's feeling) "He's leaving...Why did I have that feeling...? The feeling that I would never see Shinichi again...A very bad feeling..."
  • (Vodka to the CEO) "I know you did...I checked to make sure from the top of that roller coaster..."
  • (Gin to Vodka) "We'll use this...the new poison the organization developed..."
  • (Police Officer to Shinichi) "Can you stand up, little boy?"

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