See also: There's Only One Truth and One Truth Prevails

  • "There is only one Truth/One Truth Prevails"[1]
  • (Shinichi to Ran) "He's amazing, always cool and composed!! Brimming with intelligence and refinement!! His reasoning and observation skills are peerless! And on top of that, he was good enough to be a professional violinist! Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes, The world greatest detective!"[2]
  • (To Akemi Miyano) ", Shinichi Kudō, detective!"[3]
  • "But someday, someday!! I will...pull them out that darkness"[4]
  • "Gin and Vodka...Their codenames...I won't forget those names...until the day...I track them down"[5]
  • (To Masao) "Shhh, I'm not a bad guy...I've come here from the planet Ranpo to chase down an evil alien. I'm Conan the Space Detective!!!"[6]
  • (To Yukiko and Yūsaku Kudō) "This is my case! I'm gonna solve it!! Don't get involved! An besides...there's other reasons why I have to stay in Japan!!"[7]
  • (Shinichi to Yukiko) "Then, why are you back? Did you have a fight with dad this morning"[8]
  • (To Yukiko) "You're kidding! You should be paying attention at the speed meter and not for the police"[9]
  • (To Yukiko) "Hey hey! Don't be so violent! There're children in this car!"[10]
  • (To Haibara) "Haibara, I want to ask you something...Is my face dirty?" [11]
  • "Ah... Er, yes... B... but so many people I'm going to give up..."[12]

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