Eri Kisaki

Eri Kisaki, the "Queen of the Courtroom".

Queen of the Courtroom (法曹界のクィーン, Hōsōkai no Kuīn; Viz "Queen of the Legal World"; Literally meaning "Queen of Legal Profession") is the nickname that has been given to Eri Kisaki, she also has been referred by her colleagues as Queen-sama (女王様, Joō-sama). Her title has been first mentioned by Ritsuko Usui. The reason why she has gained such a noble title is because of her indomitable will on the court and her debating skills that which even the judge can't rebuke. Her title is known around any other lawyers and evenly by her prosecutors, which they say that if they are up against Eri, often they feel they are like rebels disobeying their queen[1]. She has also


  1. Detective Conan Manga; Chapter 264, page 8

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