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This property lists the various names a character may go by. This is a String.

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A Cat Hiding Its Claws +A Cat Hiding Its Claws  +
A Cat's Home Delivery Service +猫の宅配便  +, Neko no Takuhaibin  +
A Child's Curiosity and a Detective's Spirit of Inquiry +子供の好奇心と探偵の探究心  +, Kodomo no Kōkishin to Tantei no Tankyū Kokoro  +
A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies ~ Part 2 +A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies ~ Part 2  +, A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies - [Part 2]  +, ゾンビが囲む別荘 (中編)  +,
A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies ~ Part 3 +A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies ~ Part 3  +, A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies - [Part 3]  +, ゾンビが囲む別荘 (後編)  +,
A Deduction Is Wrong As It Seems +A Problematic Deduction  +, 居心地悪い推理  +, Igokochi warui Suiri  +
A Detective Deduces a Case in a Bar +探偵はBAR(バー)で事件を推理する  +, Tantei wa Bā de Jiken wo Suiri Suru  +
A Detective Encounters A Case In A Bar +探偵BAR(バー)で事件遭遇する  +, Tantei Bā de Jiken Sōgū Suru  +
A Detective Solves a Case in a Bar +探偵はBAR(バー)で事件を解決する  +, Tantei wa Bā de Jiken wo Kaiketsu Suru  +
A Dispute Over a Platinum Ticket +A Dispute Over a Platinum Ticket  +, プレミアムチケット騒動記  +, Puremiamu Chiketto Sōdō-ki  +
A Lucrative Shadowing +A Lucrative Tailing Job  +, 割のいい尾行  +, Wari no Ii Bikō  +
A Parcel for Kudō-Samakata +工藤様方宅配物  +, Kudō-samakata Takuhai-mono  +
A Person Who Looks Like You +Resemblance  +, あなたに似た人  +, Anata ni Nita Hito  +
Adultery Investigation +浮気調査  +, Uwaki Chōsa  +
Akaoni Village Fire Festival Murder Case +Akaoni Village Fire Festival Murder Case  +, Flames of Confusion  +, 赤鬼村火祭殺人事件  +,
Art Gallery Owner Murder Case +Art Gallery Owner Murder Case  +, The Art Museum Murder Case  +, 美術館オーナー殺人事件  +,
Bekapon's Bleeding Service +Bekapon's Bleeding Service  +, 米花ポン出血大サービス  +, Bekapon Shukettsu Dai Sābisu  +
Black Organization +The Black Organization  +, 黒の組織  +, Kuro no Soshiki  +,
Blackout +Blackout  +, 暗転  +, Anten  +
Bodyguard Kogorō Mōri +Bodyguard Kogorō Mōri  +, ボディーガード毛利小五郎  +, Bodīgādo Mōri Kogorō  +
Bubble +Bubble on Surface of Liquid  +, 泡沫  +, Utakata  +
Case Closed: The Mirapolis Investigation +Detective Conan: Fantasy of Remembrance  +, 名探偵コナン 追憶の幻想(ミラージュ)  +, Meitantei Conan: Tsuioku no Gensō  +,
Chase 100 Million Yen +Chase 100 Million Yen  +, 1億円を追いかけろ  +, Ichiokuen o Oikakero  +
Chase the Giant +Follow The Big Man!  +, 大男を追え!  +, Ō Otoko o Oe!  +
Chiba's UFO Case ~ Part 1 +Chiba's UFO Case ~ Part 1  +, 千葉のUFO難事件(前編)  +, Chiba no Yūfō Nanjiken (Zenpen)  +

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