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A Cat Hiding Its Claws +Taii's Owner  +
A Cat's Home Delivery Service +Delivery Service Murder Case  +
A Child's Curiosity and a Detective's Spirit of Inquiry +Online Client Murder Case  +
A Detective Deduces a Case in a Bar +Cocktail of Sorrow Murder Case  +
A Detective Encounters A Case In A Bar +Cocktail of Sorrow Murder Case  +
A Detective Solves a Case in a Bar +Cocktail of Sorrow Murder Case  +
A Lucrative Shadowing +Flames of Confusion Murder Case  +
A Parcel for Kudō-Samakata +Delivery Service Murder Case  +
A Person Who Looks Like You +Pop Idol Locked Room Murder Case  +
Adultery Investigation +Steamy Relations Case  +
Blackout +The Green Emperor Heist  +
Bubble +Disappearance of the Blush Mermaid  +
Chase the Giant +1 Billion Yen Robbery Case  +
Code Sheet Obtained! +The Treasure Map Deciphering Case  +
Confused Detective to Great Detective +Pop Idol Locked Room Murder Case  +
Detectives' Nocturne +Online Client Murder Case  +
Dying Message +Art Gallery Owner Murder Case  +
Family Obliteration +Murder on the Luxury Liner Cruise Ship  +
Girls and Boys +The Green Emperor Heist  +
Intertwined Lies and Mysteries +Online Client Murder Case  +
Iron Wall +The Green Emperor Heist  +
It Takes Two To Do The Job Of One +Unexpected Murder Case  +
Jeet Kune Do vs. Karate +Bumper Brawl Murder Case  +
Just Like Magic +Bumper Brawl Murder Case  +
Locked Room Murder on the Surface +Unexpected Murder Case  +

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