Template:Movie Template:Translation, officially Detective Conan: Private Eye in the Distant Sea is the seventeenth Detective Conan movie that has been premiered in the Japanese theatre's on April 20, 2013.

The movie has been announced in the 51th issue of Weekly Shōnen Sunday, the magazine the original Detective Conan series is being published[1].

The movie aired on NTV the network that releases the Detective Conan animated series episodes. The movie aired on Friday, April 18, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. The movie gained a rating on television of 13.6%[2].

The ending theme of the movie is One More Time by Kazuyoshi Saito.

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The movie begins at the Maizuru Bay when Kurata is on patrol finding a ship that has stranded there and investigating it. He finds a bomb which he makes a urgent call to the Wakasa Coast Guard and warns them that it is about to self-destruct. Later, Conan is watching the news about the suspicious boat which the Detective Boys wonders what has happened. Conan explains to them that they have found a suspicious boat. Sonoko tells them to walk further which Ran is displeased because her father supposed to watch the kids.

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There is a soundtrack released of the movie on April 17, 2013 containing 71 tracks in total from the Detective Conan movie.



In other languages

Other languages
Country Title Translation
Arabic عين خفية في البحر البعيد Private Eye in the Distant Sea
French Un détective privé en mer lointaine Private Eye in the Distant Sea
Korean 명탐정 코난: 절해의 탐정 Private Eye in the Distant Sea
Italian L'investigatore privato nel distante mare The Private Investigator in the Distant Sea
Thai ฝ่าวิกฤติเรือรบมรณะ Death Crisis Task Force
Vietnamese Con mắt bí ẩn ngoài biển xa Mysterious Eye Distant Sea
Chinese 絕海的偵探 Private Eye in the Distant Sea

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