Please do note that it is the "Detective Conan Wiki" Uploading images.
For uploading any images at the Detective Conan Wiki. Please do read these rules before you upload any images to prevent them to be deleted or that you will get to be blocked.

Image Outline

To make the Detective Conan Wiki more understanding for visitors and editors, images can be uploaded to show what happened to a certain part of the series, of if there is something special. This wiki only uses three sorts of file extensions, JPG, PNG and SVG. animated GIF images are disallowed due to their lack of purpose and distractive quality. If a still image is insufficient to illustrate the text it accompanies, then one should consider rewriting the text to better convey the intended message.


The Detective Conan Wiki do not support galleries, which means that if you're adding any galleries at the wiki you will be warned, if it happens again then you will get banned. Evenly that galleries are meant to show more about the character, we want to keep it nice and clean and not too flurry.


If you're re-uploading any images, do not upload another images that already exist at this wiki. If you want to re-upload a image that already exist at this wiki, which means uploading a new image from old image it can, but do remember that you can only re-upload a new one for the old one if the image that you want to upload have a better quality.

Origin of a Uploaded Image

We do only accept official images to be uploaded. There can also be images coming from original video anime's, movies and games. We only allow raw manga images instead scanned images and so does the anime. We do not accept images that has been edited, as to make the quality of the image sharper, or adding it to widescreen.

Legal Tagging

The copyright and rights of every images that are coming from the anime, manga, OVA's, games or movies evenly posters of the Detective Conan series belongs to VIZ, TMS Entertainment, FUNimation Entertainment, but mostly to it's origin: Gosho Aoyama. Please do understand that any uploaded images that you've uploaded are not yours or evenly claiming that it is yours cause you've found them on the internet, got the screenshot from a scanned episode, got them from the raw manga series or anything else. Every image belongs to the creators of the series, no matter what others say or what you're going to discuss for.
Images, like fan arts are not falling under the same category, but we have forbid them to make any appearance to this wiki cause we only use original images.

Fair use

To tag any image that you've uploaded, you must add this template, the {{fair use}} template. This template is used in different kind of sections when you've uploaded a image. The sections of it can be viewed right here:

{{Fair use|tv-screenshot}}: (for every television screenshot that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|comic}}: (for every screenshot that are coming from the manga series that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|dvd-cover}}: (for every screenshot of DVD covers from the series that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|game-cover}}: (for every screenshot of Game covers from the series that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|game-screenshot}}: (for every game screenshot from the series that has been uploaded).
{{Fair use|logo}}: (for every logo from the series that has been uploaded). 

Do use them on a certain image you've uploaded. Whenever it is a dvd-cover, comic or a television screenshot, they need to be tagged.

Fair use Rationale

You can give images are more extra details by adding the tag {{fair use rationale}}, which you can tell the source of the image and if it must be replaced or not. The section of it can be viewed here:

{{Fair use rationale
| Description       = (information about the image).
| Source            = (which chapter or episode the image comes from).
| Portion           = (series and creator of the original image).
| Purpose           = (to illustrate a background or character or etc).
| Resolution        = (the quality of a picture).
| Replaceability    = (if the image is replaceable).


If there are no any images containing those two major tagging templates, then you must add {{No license}} and {{No rationale}}, which can be noticed that there are images that are missing those two things. Do understand that if there are no any tags around the image, then the image will be deleted.

Placement in articles

We do also has a strict policy about how to put the images in the character pages. We are following the left to right policy, if there is a infobox added in a certain page. If the infobox isn't added, then we are using the right to left policy.

Images around this wiki never must have "px" added to the image, instead use a |thumb|right| or |thumb|left|. Icons can be added to the character infoboxes, with other words it will be merge with the infobox.

Image Quality

Here at this wiki, image quality is very important. If there is any low quality images then they must be replaced with a new "much better" quality image. If you see a poor quality image, then add the tag {{Poor quality}} which you can remove it when someone adds a more better quality image. Evenly as somehow stated above we are telling you again the rules about images:

  • Do not upload any .gif images, and don't bother converting a .gif into another file format before uploading. As stated above they are disallowed due to their lack of purpose and distractive quality. Also gif format does not handle quality properly. It has a limited colour depth, and as a result the moment you save an image with the .gif format it loses a large amount of quality. We also prefer .png images over .jpg images because .jpg images slowly lose quality each time you save them. Neither of these types of quality loss can be recovered without the original image.
  • Use a good file name, if there is a image with a poor file name then add the tag {{Poor filename}}. Do not use a semi-colon in the filename.
  • Avoid widescreen shots. Widescreen images sometimes contain black bars, and more importantly the large width of the images disrupts the visibility of thumbnails by increasing the amount of empty space. It's best to clip the image down to what you are actually depicting.
  • Avoid watermarks. If an image is watermarked by a TV Station, then we may just tag it with {{Poor quality|watermark}}. However if the image you upload is watermarked by another website we will likely delete it right away.
  • Avoid subtitles and translations made by scanalation groups. When clipping from manga it's best to use the raws, and for anime either use the raw, or use a frame where there is no subtitle, or use a group that uses soft subtitles and formats like .mkv. Subtitles and the edits made by scanalation groups ruin the image, reduces its originality, and also incorporates a fuzzy copyright issue that technically makes those images illegal.

Fanon Images

The Detective Conan Wiki do also not support fan images about the series or not evenly related to the series. Fan images are mostly copyrighted and also not true to the original concept and art of the series created by the original author. Also the images of fan arts are also useless and evenly can make the visitor thinks, which is probably a serious fan to believe that the Detective Conan Wiki is a bunch of nonsense, and also it will attract editors who love to add fan arts.

Sexual Images

The Detective Conan disallows images containing sexual contents, it is strict forbidden to upload any kind of images, evenly if there are images not related to the series. This kind of usage will make you be banned to infinite, evenly it sounds to harsh but this will make the wiki feel nasty also known is that there are contributors that are not evenly around that age to look at those kinds of stuff. Loose from that, it is strictly forbidden to add any sexual images of the series or evenly non-series or series related images. Evenly if you dare to put a banner on the top of your userpage said that it is only allowed for 18+ then we will be in contact with the wikia staff about this issue.

Unrelated Images

We only support images that are related to the series or the series itself, but we do not support images that are unrelated to the series, evenly if the character appears in different anime or manga. If the character of the Detective Conan series has been seen in another manga or anime, then it will be written at the Detective Conan.

Images of Userpages

It is allowed that you can add images on your userpages, but there are also limits what kind of images you must not upload on your user page, here are some few points:

  1. It is not allowed to add sexual or harassment images, see above.
  2. It is not allowed to add any fan arts images.
  3. It is not allowed to add any GIF images.
  4. It is not allowed to add any images that are not related to the series.

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